Holy, Shiitake Mushrooms! Health Benefits of this Fungi

shitake mushroom oct

Shiitake mushrooms are a famous mushroom worldwide

Toss together about a pound of broccoli florets, noodles, butter, and 8 ounces of shiitake mushrooms in the skillet. Spice it up with some lemon zest, sesame seeds, and kosher salt to celebrate shiitake mushrooms this month.

known for their savory and rich taste, plus added health benefits. Many studies have shown these mushrooms help fight cancer, boost immunity, and support the heart. They’re also low in calories and high in other vital vitamins and minerals.

8 Fabulous health benefits:

  1. Fight Obesity
  2. Support immune function
  3. Destroy cancer cells
  4. Support cardiovascular health
  5. Provide Vitamin D
  6. Boost energy and bran function
  7. Promote skin health
  8. Contain antimicrobial properties

These wonderful mushrooms have a woodsy flavor, meaty texture and make a great vegan substitute in most recipes.  They can be stuffed, cooked on the grill, in soups or eaten as a snack in the raw with hummus or a light dipping sauce.  Enjoy these Shiitake Mushroom Recipes below….


Deborah Price