How Getting Physical Can Help Juvenile Arthritis Pain

JA Extrodinary Kids

Children cannot play when they have arthritis! Rumor or true?

Children who have arthritis may have:

  • Decreased muscle strength and endurance
  • Decreased aerobic and anaerobic capacity
  • Fatigue quicker than the average kid
  • They most definitely need to play !

JA kids may feel out of place because of the struggle it takes to keep up with other children. That does not mean that they do not want to play; it’s just that it’s harder to play. It is very important that Juvenile Arthritis kiddo’s maintain a healthy body with physical activity and enjoying a balanced diet.

Match the level of intensity or type of physical activity with their physical needs, which is something your Physician and Physical Therapist will be able to determine. Focus on physical activities that are not hard on your child’s joints like swimming, cycling, yoga and bowling. Strenuous activities that can potentially cause a flare of inflammation should be avoided.  Gentle repetition is good however be aware too much is not a good thing. Finding the perfect activity will be trial and error, but the benefits will out way the challenge once found.

Get the whole family involved with your child’s exercise time. Set an example; it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A child with JA is not different just unique. Here are some suggestions for you and your child to explore.  As always, speak to your physician to discuss what is the best training or activities for your child.

Everyone in the family will benefit from getting a little exercise. Start out as a team and explore from there. Kids are kids and love to play so “let’s get physical”

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Deborah Price