“I don’t know how to cook”. -

“I don’t know how to cook”.


Maybe No One Ever Taught You How To Cook

Maybe you are 40-something and you’re became too busy with your career to retain mom’s lessons. Or 20-something and trying to make a go at it on your own. Either way, I am here for you.

 I understand that it’s difficult to be at home with a bunch of utensils that don’t come with instruction manuals. What is a spiralizer anyways?  Who has time to let that water boil? Well, maybe you do now that you’re in quarantine (or maybe you don’t). Either way, you need to nourish your bodies with healthy foods. Here’s some recipes to get you by:



Spice-it-Up at Home

Are you locked in the home with your honey? If so, you might be driving each other bonkers. For me, we have been in our home (safe and sound) for over 4 weeks, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that it’s new territory. The phrase “patience is a virtue’ has a whole new meaning. You know what I’m saying?

What I’m trying to say is relationships are not easy, let alone when there’s a pandemic forcing you to be in the same room (or house) all throughout the day, for weeks on end. It’s not healthy, but it’s necessary to keep safe. Cooking should be done assiduously which leads to a great need for patients. Utilize this time for an opportunity to create better communication and possibly spice up your relationship. Find more reasons why couples should cook together below (and a few yummy recipes):



Staple Baking (and Cooking)

Have you experienced standing in line (6-feet apart) to get into the store just to find out that they’re out of yeast, toilet paper and miracle whip? Yes, this is now normal. I’m used to making a monthly trip to Aldi to get my staple food items like almond flour, nuts and canned goods. However, it’s hard to find what you need these days without taking a ‘store tour’. These individuals have made it easy to make recipes from what hopefully is already in your cabinet:



Easy Comfort Foods to Hold You Over

Does a big bowl of pasta cure the ailments of today and the unforeseen tomorrow? Check out these easy make recipes (that aren’t too bad for you):


Even in a pandemic, it takes a village to raise a child (or grown child). Luckily, inspiring individuals utilize the internet to teach essentials to those who might struggle with the everyday survival skills. It is essential to nourish our bodies; but your mind, heart and community takes priority too. Allow for these bloggers, YouTube sensations and guides to be a part of your life from the internet. Share recipes you enjoy. Stay happy. Stay safe. Chao!


Deborah Price