Know Your Customers by their First Names, Here’s Why

july 18 know your customers

Know Your Customers by their First Names, Here’s Why

Remember back in the day when business owners would, not only know you by your first name but know what you stood for? It’s rare to find this personal attention, small acts of kindness, and customer service.

This behavior creates loyalty, continued business, and a heart-warming experience. Annually on the third Thursday of each quarter, businesses are reminded on getting to Know Your Customer Day to create this atmosphere and give back for appreciation, here’s how:

  1. Reward your loyal customers with a discount or coupon. A simple 10% off can go a long way.
  2. Be active online by responding to positive and negative reviews. Show that you are committed to listening to what they have to say.
  3. Do not leave out greetings by addressing customers by their first names and ask, “How’s it going?”. Add a touch of personal attention.
  4. Loyalty Discounts? Offer something a bit extra for those who are in for the long hall which will motivate your buyers to use and share promotions for future transactions.
  5. Open your door a bit farther to show customers how you run and operate your business. They’ll appreciate the honesty and integrity once they know how things are actually run.
  6. Host an appreciation event for customers to meet the staff, enjoy food and beverages and ask questions or provide suggestions.  They’ll love getting to know the “behind the scenes” aspect of your business.
  7. Social media surveys can engage your customers by asking for their input. Throw up a question on Facebook to see what they really want to see out of your business – good or bad!
  8. Send out a “thank you” card to customers in the area with a small token of gratitude (like 10% off or an appetizer).
  9. Throw an educational event where customers can learn about your business. You’ll want to include the who, what, where, when, and whys associated with the transparency of your business.
  10. Send some swag to your customers to show your appreciation. Perhaps a frisbee, pins, or a canvas bag?

Go the extra mile for your customers with excellent customer service, acts of kindness, and providing a personal touch, which will instantly make a difference in your business. Loyal customers will continue to repeat their business because they feel valued and appreciated, especially over a time-consuming marketing campaign.

Take away? Get to Know Your Customers by providing excellent customer service, acts of kindness, and personal attention to winning loyalty from customers in your business.

Deborah Price