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Tammy Stewart, founder of Health for a Purpose, is a Certified Cellular Detoxification and Health Practitioner offering customized detoxification and healing protocols to reduce cellular inflammation and improve cellular function by removing interference such as heavy metal toxicity, bio-toxins, and poor nutrition. The heart of her work comes through the time she spent healing her family from mold, toxins, and hidden infections.

Health for a Purpose (HFP) offers virtual health coaching programs along with several healing therapies also available in their Georgetown, Texas office:

·        Tissue Regeneration Technologies SoftWave “Stem cell machine”

·        Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

·        JOOVV redlight therapy

·        Simply03 Ozone

·        Synergy Science’s hydrogen water

·        Lifetime Vibration Platform

Tammy’s goal is to help her clients stay “forever young feeling,” so they can enjoy a life free from the distraction of disease, well into their golden years. She focuses on removing the sources that interfere with optimal health and cellular healing.

Tammy enjoys spending her free time with her husband and five amazing children as much as possible, visiting and traveling with them. She also enjoys exercising, attending seminars to keep up with current research, and reading books.

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Georgetown, TX, USA

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