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Our speaker today is Tammy Stewart, Certified Health Coach in Georgetown, Texas


Deborah Price the Creator of WilcoWellness health and wellness is interviewing Mrs. Stewart and discussing a little about what a Certified Health Coach is and what to expect when you visit with this type of coach.

Tammy also has a Certification in Cellular toxification and will be discussing what that means and the importance of addressing a variety of sources of toxins we encounter in our daily lives.  Her programs help guide clients towards safely eliminating these toxins and how to move forward and experience the best of a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to CLICK Here FOR tickets and attend her speaking event on September 15th, 2021 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.  Tammy will be available to answer health questions, discuss nutrition, menopausal issues, common health complaints about difficulty sleeping, weight gain, and lack of daily energy.



Deborah:  Hello and welcome, everyone, to WilcoWellness, your # 1 source of Health, Nutrition, and exercise in Central Texas. Today on the airwaves, we are visiting with Tammy Stewart, Certified Health Coach, and Certified Cellular Detoxification and Health Practioner. Good morning,

Tammy: Good morning. It’s a beautiful morning here in Georgetown.

Deborah: You are a Certified Health Coach.

I looked up a little bit about that and it was kind of vague when you look online. The information I found is a summary that describes a Certified Health Coach as a mentor who helps to support your health and create a healthier version of yourself, what really do you do as a certified health coach?


Tammy: I got my certified health coach certification after I became a certified cellular detoxification specialist. Now, see, people understand certified health coaches. That makes sense. Certified cellular detoxification specialists 14 years ago, nobody knew what that was. And so, I had to do something that people could understand. My specialty is cellular health.

Now, as a health coach, it’s very common to focus on environment and exercise, and nutrition, and we all have to eat a healthy diet. The thing I love to say about diet is “food by God, for the body by God”. That’s the first thing if you just learned one thing about diet, that’s the most important thing.

The second thing we teach is diet variation.  Ketosis is so popular right now. Fasting is popular, but those are not the only two options. So as a health coach, a lot of people can teach you that. And that is necessary for health. As cellular detoxification specialists, we take it a step further and talk about detoxifying the cell, which is completely different. So those are my two focuses.


Deborah: You shared with me a journey you traveled down that led to you becoming a Certified Health Coach which involved your family.

You were a working mom in a different career field when health problems began to affect your family’s ability to function in everyday activities. Your husband and each of your children began having small but significant issues that you just didn’t quite understand. Your family went to a medical doctor; however, you felt your questions concerning what was the root cause of the problems were never significantly dealt with.

I think this is part of what really gives you the passion for what you do and where people can really relate in their own lives. Can you share with us a small portion of the story and what was happening to your family?


Tammy:  Yes, and I think so many times when clinicians begin to think a little bit outside the mainstream, there was something personal that made that happen.

We thought we were healthy. I was healthier than all my friends. But then our son, when was he was a junior in high school, started to feel depressed. He came to us, thank God he came to us because he’s the quiet one, he tends to suffer silently. But he came to us, and said, Mom, I’m feeling depressed. So, we prayed about that, which is the most important thing, it’s always the first thing we should do. And he came back to us several months later and said, I still feel depressed.

We did the only thing we knew to do which took him to the doctor. The doctor did the only thing the doctor can do. Your doctor has to stay inside the standard of care box. He can run a test to give you a diagnosis based on that test. He can give you drugs or surgery. Those are pretty much his only tools. You can say go eat the right diet, but that’s outside of his time commitment. So, the doctor gave him medication.

He felt a little better the next month. We went to a follow-up visit and the Doctor gave him a little more medicine. The whole time I was screaming at our primary care physician, our chiropractor who was both our health care advisor and our friend. I literally grabbed his face in my hand and said, “why? Why is this happening?” Because the mad cow momma in me was coming out.

I grew up on a ranch. If any of you have ever seen a momma cow when you are working with her baby, you know the kind of power behind what I was feeling.  When a calf is lifted into the back of the pickup truck, and we’re treating the calf and the calf is crying. Sweet momma cow transforms and behaves as if she is going to eat us.  That’s how I felt, because the doctors are not trained, or equipped to answer the question of why. What is the root cause?

But, Deborah, no matter what the problem is, don’t we have to find the cause of the problem to try to solve the problem?


Deborah: Yes, really get down to what is the root of the cause, not just throw something out there that’s going to kind of cover it up and hope it goes away.


Tammy: Sure. If if the light comes on in your car dash, you don’t cover it with black tape. You figure out what’s the cause.

So, our chiropractor said, I’ve been going to toxicity classes with Dr. Daniel Pompa, who I believe is the nation’s leading expert in cellular toxicity. Observing your family and listening to your concerns, I think there’s a toxicity problem somewhere. So long story short, I knew a mold specialist and he said, Tammy, I don’t do that anymore because it made me sick. But I’ll come and test your house for you. And we found mold in our house.

Mold releases toxins, which carry poison. You breathe that toxin in day after day, and it’s in your body. Some people can naturally get rid of it, and some people couldn’t and we couldn’t. I didn’t know anybody to tell us or teach us how to do that. In the meantime, I had eight mercury fillings. Well, Duh, we knew that was toxic. Why was mercury used by dentists and put in the mouth? That’s not a question that I can answer today.

I had to become a Cellular Detox Specialist to save my family.

And it took a lot of effort, at that time my kids were in elementary, middle school, and high school. We had to make significant diet changes. I learned that if that was the only thing we had done, we would not have gotten better.  We had to use a multi-therapeutic approach to get rid of the toxin from the body and heal the body at the cellular level. We also got rid of the toxins in the environment, and we got better. Every single one of us recovered.

At that point, I could have said, OK, I’ve invested in my family and they are better. I was working three jobs at the time and in my 40’s. If you had told me I was going to go back to school, I would have said, no, I’m too busy. I can’t do that. But God empowers us to accomplish amazing things when we are called.

God called me to go back to school and then share.  Back then, 14 years ago, cellular healing was not a popular message. Nobody knew what cellular toxicity was. But that’s the job God called me to do, is to speak the truth.

 God designed your body to heal. When we remove the interference and we give it what it means and it happens every single time


Deborah: it does, it does. I think as humans we forget we’ve been around for a very long time. We have gone from healing with just mushrooms provided by witch doctors to more modern functional medicine, still using the same all-natural products to address the root cause of the problem.

I think it’s important also for people to realize that you didn’t break overnight. Using your mold issue in your home as an example; people who have mold in their home may have been exposed for five, six, seven years, or more without knowing. They thought they had allergies. They get sick and this is a way their body is saying, enough is enough. Your son became depressed and your daughter had difficulty attending school regularly.  You discovered that an accumulation of toxins in their body had occurred and it took perseverance and time to completely rid the body of ill health. One small step at a time, one little thing at a time helps guide the body along to healing itself.

When working with clients, you discuss removing roadblocks one step at a time

In my field, working in a hospital, I worry about people who are taking seven, eight, nine pharmaceutical medications, on a daily basis.  Could it be that though there are one or two medications that are important, are the excess of medications just stacking on road blockers?


Tammy:  They are. And they’re interacting with each other. I’m working with a client like that right now. And my feeling is this is a stupid question, but how many medications does a healthy body need? Non, right. Non. You should need none. My clients, after they’ve worked with me a period of time, they’re able to get off of most of their medications if not all, with their doctor’s guidance and help. You have to do it correctly at the right time. But a healthy body doesn’t need medication. We don’t get sick because of a lack of medications in our diet. And we heal, Deborah. We heal faster than we got sick. That’s the good news! Yes, it’s always faster.


Deborah: Recovery is faster where when we get down to the very root of what is causing or caused the initial health complaint.

There are a variety of programs you have available on your website Health For a Purpose. It is beautifully put together, by the way, easy to find information and use as a tool.  A person first coming to your website can search around and say to themselves, where do I start? What program can I afford and what best suits my needs for where I am today in my health journey. Do I want one day at a time or one week at a time? Would I like to talk with someone daily or work through a group to get started? You’ve got, I think, a seven-week program and all the way up to a “health Academy”.


Please elaborate more on what people can expect to get as they go through coaching and find the groups that you have and what’s available.


Tammy: Perfect. Thank you. I can walk you through the evolution. When I started as a practitioner, I was only working with people one on one. I was working with very, very sick people who felt like they had been everywhere and done everything. They had been through the testing and the medications, and they were just getting worse and worse.

My passion goes back to my grandmother who got Alzheimer’s, as for myself, I’m willing to do whatever it takes not to be there. I want to retire to a cruise ship, not a nursing home. I am 170,000,000 % committed to doing whatever it takes to help clients get better, that’s what I love doing, the one-to-one coaching. Yet at that level, I am only reaching a very small percentage of the population.

So the last couple of years, what we’ve done is created our Forever Young Academy to help more people.

This enables clients to take the journey of help with us at whatever level they want.  If they just want to change their diet, we have two different courses for that. One is just food, God for the body by God. The other one is our seven-week stem cell program that teaches you fasting, diet, variation, ketosis, all of the things that help your body to kill bad cells and then grow new stem cells to keep you forever young feeling.

Then if someone wants to take the next step and get rid of toxins in their environment, see if you really want to be healthy, you have to get rid of the toxins that you’re eating and breathing every day. You are in complete control of that. You could, in theory, do it immediately. Where when we start looking at mold and co-infections and lime and mercury and lead, that’s a lot more work. That takes a lot more time.

So, we start with foods and the environment. And then if you want to take the next step, there’s another course about how to how to promote healing in your gut, because the gut is the foundation of the body, you can do the whole academy and get all of those things. Plus, in our monthly Q&A call, we have a monthly expert people can question and learn from.

Our programs are all online. People can take them at their own pace. They can do as little or as much as they want while they’re in that process.

If they choose to, then get promoted. At this point they may choose a custom one on one program with us, then they’ve already spent time and laying a foundation that they can then build on. So that lets us reach people wherever they are. And in those programs, we have clients from all over the world.


Deborah: What a great benefit, all your step-by-step programs are online. I find I shocking that even today when I talk with individuals about nutrition who are diabetic, they say “I am very careful and I don’t have sugars in my diet”. This may be true, but then I watch them pour two to three packets of sweet n low into their drink.


Tammy: Yes, drinking poison.

Toxins/poisons are the number one cause of cellular inflammation, which is the cause of diabetes. Diabetes is an autoimmune condition. Alzheimer’s is the diabetes of the brain. And those things are not caused by sugars. They’re caused by toxins. And people simply don’t know.  Doctors address the issue with medications and some lifestyle changes.


Deborah: medication, and a quick, 15-minute visit once a month. What can we do in fifteen minutes and see you next visit to address any changes? A different uneducated, pill-popping lifestyle is being created for the patient.  You cannot just pop a pill, that doesn’t solve the problem. If someone wants to step outside that box and take responsibility for themselves and do something that requires more effort but will resolve the problem, that’s where Health For a Purpose comes in.

Let’s get back to the very basics of the body. A hot topic in the health and wellness industry right now is inflammation.

What is it? What does it do to our body? I understand what inflammation after surgery is, say, after a knee replacement. As Physical therapists, we use massage, range of motion, exercise, cooling modalities, and time to resolve the pain. We reduce and alleviate the inflammation.  You address inflammation on an even deeper level.   On that cellular level by addressing toxicity in the body. Can you explain what that really means?


Tammy: Great. Thanks for asking, thing I love doing is teaching about health. That’s why this is so much fun for me right here with you. Thank you for giving me that outlet.


So I would ask people who knew what cellular inflammation is?  Nobody, nobody, nobody knew 14 years ago.


Today people know a little more. Here’s what inflammation is like. Inflammation of your body is oxidation on your car. Oxidation is visible. It is rust on your car. So when people start getting more and more symptoms and they’re feeling older and they hurt and they can’t hold a thought and maybe their gut is not working or their adrenals, their feeling stressed all the time, they begin to feel symptoms of inflammation, maybe in their heart or their lungs or their immune system.

That’s really powerful. That inflammation at the cellular level causes dysfunction in a variety of places and organs of the body. It makes the organs break down just like the car body parts would start breaking down. So that’s what cellular inflammation looks like and feels like. At the cellular level. Well, let’s think about this. Which organs are made up of cells?


Deborah: Your whole body is made up of cells.


Tammy:  Yes, every organ, every tissue is made up of cells. Let’s go back in the other direction. There are three things that cause cellular inflammation in the things we eat every day.

Number 1 – sugars and grains turn to sugar in four seconds. In your body, diabetics are taught to eat whole-grain bread that will raise your blood sugar faster than a can of soda.

Number 2- fats that you’ll get at health food stores or in food.  The prepared foods section of health food stores, they’re using bad fats.

Number 3 – packaged food made of non-food. Read the label of many boxed items in the grocery store. Toxins are the number one cause of cellular inflammation, and that is every building block of the whole body.


So, let’s think then about what are toxins. My daughter was so young and she grew up repeating “toxins, toxins, toxins”. And one day I said: well, I’m not going to eat that because it’s poisonous. She said: it’s what?

I said: it’s poison.

She said:  that’s not poison.

It dawned on me then that she had not made the connection tying the toxins to poison.


So poison. Let’s think about what those poisons are. Heavy Metals and Biotoxins in our environment

Number 1 – Mercury. If you’ve ever received a vaccination: if you’ve ever had a mercury filling in your mouth then you’ve got mercury stored in your brain. Even if you got that amalgam filling removed.

Number 2 – Lead.  Any of us born before about nineteen eighty-seven had lived in an environment that had the lead in the things we touched and breathed. We grew up with the lead and that passes the blood barrier and is carried for four generations from mother to child. Mercury, lead, and aluminum.

Number 3 – Aluminum. We used to think aluminum was the primary cause of Alzheimer’s. Then studies showed it was mercury. And now we know it’s autoimmune, it’s inflammation of the brain.

Number 4 –  would be biotoxins like mold, Lyme infections, H. Pylori, long-term infections in the body, not acute, immediate, but chronic long-term storing of chemicals in the body.  Lyme is diagnosed so much better now. We have accurate tests now that we didn’t have 10 years ago. And so now we’re more able to target our therapies when we know what the problem is.


Number 5:  would be environmental. With all those toxins in the environment, the average American woman is exposed to over 500 chemicals every day.

Now we say women, the test was done on women, which in general use more stuff on a face in our hair than most men. And so over five hundred a day, over two hundred of them proven to cause cancer. None of them tested together. So that’s a lot of chemicals. And studies today state that in umbilical cords today, they’re are finding hundreds of chemicals. Here is one example. So, for some of our young women listening to us today, there is a toxin in the feminine product that women use every month. This same toxin is only released naturally in the body during pregnancy. By using this feminine hygiene product with this toxin in it every month you are exposing yourself to a toxin that’s similar to Agent Orange.  If women can make one change today that requires no effort, buy organic, feminine care products. Is that shocking?


Deborah: It is, it really is. And we want to believe that the studies are done, and these toxins would be removed from the product. In fact, without extensive research and searching on the internet, this information is not available. The public has no way of finding out unless they spend hours looking for the truth. It is wonderful that we have dedicated individuals like yourself to help us. That’s what you study.  In fact, you have written several blogs on different helpful topics like this for people to read and learn. This type of information is available on your website. Helping to make finding health information simpler.


Tammy: I was so thrilled when I found your website

I recently moved to Georgetown and I found your website, which you had advertised in the  Georgetown View Magazine. I thought this is so exciting. I ran to my computer literally, and I looked on there and there’s just this long list of natural health care practitioners. And I was so thrilled that someone had invested so much effort finding and listing professionals, respected in the community, all of them focused on true healing. And that, for me, is a priceless resource. Saves me so much time. And as a layperson researching, you could probably find articles online that said Hitler was wonderful and. Mother Teresa was horrible. So it’s really hard to find the truth online. And you went through that and did the work for us and put it together on your Web site, and that’s powerful. I’m so grateful to you for that.


Deborah: Thank you. I am truly blessed to have my team behind me and the website WilcoWellness. So

You have a presentation coming up on September 15. At the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce at 6:30 pm.

Turn the Clock Back - Health For a PurposeYour flyer advertises: Discover how to reverse the clock.  You grab people right there because it is possible. We don’t have to retire and do anything.  I hope most people want to retire and actually enjoy life spending time with their grandkids, travel to different and new places, and experience all the different things on our beautiful planet.

You will be available to answer questions about health, you will also talk about the toxicities in and around us. You will also be available to answer questions and help people understand why they have brain fog. Why they’re unable to have a child. Also questions about menopause, weight gain, or just general fatigue and lack of umph. Can you give us tell us more? What are some of the things you can answer?


Tammy: Great question. The title of this talk is Anti Aging because all of us want that.

So in our talk, we’ll share with people a few things that they can go make changes right now. We’ll also give them some ideas of how they can move forward and the different coaching avenues we provide. Whether it is just using our step-by-step videos on the website or through one-to-one coaching.  My goal as a coach is for people to come alongside us and walk the journey towards a healthy lifestyle. We have several ways that we offer community so that you’re doing this with someone, not by yourself. That’s encouraging and motivational. That’s the purpose of our talk to share the truth with people, the information.

I have clients that say, why, why, why? Why can I not have children? They had spent tens of thousands of dollars. They came to us and started focusing on cellular health, got rid of the toxins, gave the body what it needs, and got pregnant. Think about life-changing, that’s a whole new definition of life-changing, so infertility, brain fog, chronic pain, diseases that just automobile that just keeps on piling up and up and up.

A person has gone to the doctor. Maybe he says their test is normal. We’ll talk about that.

Maybe they’ve taken medication. Maybe it helped it first and it doesn’t help anymore. We’ll talk about that. That’s a lot to cram into one hour. So I’ll be talking really fast.


Deborah: OK,  this speaking event can help so many variations of health concerns and people.

I have friends whose husbands have Alzheimer’s and not expecting that their last 15, 20 years of life to be going the way it is. So when you’re talking about brain fog, brain toxicities, things that are going on with your family member that you love in your life, there are answers that you can give. Start with something very simple like diet and food choices.


Tammy:  prevention is so much easier. I just listened to a talk with a doctor who’s running one of the tests that we use. And in his clinic, he’s testing people in their 30s. And not every single one of them has an early marker for a dementia condition in their 30s. They don’t have symptoms of that. But it’s happening in their 30s,


Deborah: in their 30s and we are seeing people in the hospital, younger and younger and younger, coming in with things they shouldn’t be dealing with at that age. Prevention is a good way to start when you are young!

Your Event is on September 15, 2021, at the Georgetown Event Center.


Tickets can be purchased at StewartSeminars on Eventbrite

Folks can get daily tips from you on your Facebook link Tammy Stewart CHC

The website is Health For A Purpose

On YouTube, there are even more mini-posts about all kinds of health topics. Speaking the Truth!

People can learn more about you in our Directory:  Health For a Purpose


Tammy: so people can go to our website, Health For a Purpose and they can find the links right there, Facebook, Instagram video, YouTube, all of that. We have some of our talks are recorded on our website. If someone listens or reads one of our Posts and you have a friend it might benefit, please, people please share because there are people out there looking very hard for us to get the truth out. They can listen to a recording that talks about our academy. We’ve got a video that talks about our STEM anomic eating program. So the website is a great source for information. And can be for anyone across the world.


Deborah: It truly is. And even your Facebook site, you’re on two or three times a week sharing even small things like what we substitute for.

One thing could be for substitute another and trying to learn how to work their way to the grocery store, maybe baby steps


Tammy:  that most of us eat every day. So that’s an area where I can make a big difference for someone wonderful.


Deborah: Wonderful. Well, thank you so much. We’re going to add all of the information on how people can find you at the inside of the blog that will follow up with this podcast. And we look forward to seeing you on September 15th. That’s going to be a really wonderful hour of information.

Tammy: Yes, great. Thanks, Deborah.

Deborah: I appreciate you. Thank you. It’s so good to see you today.


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