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Are You Ready To Visit The Farm?


We once had a friend bring her niece to the farm and the niece asked her about all the animals we had. She said “No animals, just vegetables.” The niece said “Just vegetables? How useless!”

That little girl left the farm saying “That farm was so much fun! They make vegetables cool!”

And that’s what we want!

To make vegetables cool and to get people eating more of them!

Plus, I have three kids I homeschool…let’s be honest…

I don’t have much time to tend to anything other than vegetables!

But I’m here to help you with your journey to doing more things vegetables!

So yes!!

Let’s make vegetables cool! Let’s get our families excited about it! Are you with me??


We would love to meet you and hear your journey with all things vegetables.

Come visit us at our Farm Stand on Wednesdays from 3-6 pm.

We’ll have all your seasonal veggie needs plus some recipes and tips.

But if you’re ready to grow your own vegetables, check out our online gardening course, The Texas Technique.

We’re here to give you pointers to help you with your farm-fresh journey!!

Can’t wait to meet you!


Pete and Becky have a wonderful website where you can learn more about Vegetables, events, and classes they hold and they even have a Farmers Facebook group. Located in Leander, you will get the very freshest, organic in-season fruits and vegetables available at great prices. Vegans, this is your farmstand!


Learn more about eating seasonally and follow Becky and Pete’s Blogs Here

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