Men Get Moving and Keep Improving

bicep curl

It’s National Men’s Health Month and we’re encouraging you to get outdoors with the boys! It’s so important to be aware of health issues that may affect men, but it’s just as significant to get moving to keep improving. Exercises keep the belt tighter around the waist and also help balance hormones in the brain. Studies have found that cutting sugar intake and increase physical activity improves testosterone levels and sexual drive. The best type of type of exercise to increase and balance those essential hormones is weight lifting and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Get out and try a little exercise, stay in shape and keep the mind and body well-balanced.

 Below you will find a couple “Meetup” and weight training ideas for inspiration.

Make new friends and play tennis at Round Rock

Go hit some balls with the boys!

Master Your Fate with Martial Arts

Join the Round Rock Run Club

Lift some weights at Thrive Fitness Georgetown