Monday Mindfulness for Kids

Mindfulness Monday

Help your kids find their center in their hearts and check-in with how they are feeling

A great tool that can be used first thing in the morning to assess how your children are feeling when they rise with the sun is to use a red light, yellow light, and green light method. Something that most young children can associate themselves with and can easily use with a visual, kinesthetic, or verbal method, or both, depending on their learning style! You can use this method to set intentions and goals for the week or wind down right before bed, for a restful sleep!

Kids will have fun creating their own Card or (3) cards. A tool that is pragmatic and creative.

*Using guided meditations online: YouTube Kids

Yoga for Beginners;20 min ages 3-5 They provide instructional video and your kids will get to watch other kids during their instructional videos.

STORYHIVE with Sophia Khan 25 min ages 4-8 Eas to follow and you will want to join in with the kids!

Classes from local Yoga Instructors: Classes online and just down the street.

* Soul Strong Yoga offers classes for parents and children. Located in downtown Round Rock. Check out their classes and get your kids flowing with positive energy.


Casey Rollins
Casey Rollins