November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month -

November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month

Meet Poppy a senior pet

Can you Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

It’s time to try to teach an old dog a new trick (or cat, rabbit – anything senior pet really)! November National Adopt a Senior Pet month encourages communities to give older pets a chance at a new forever home.

In most cases, older cats and dogs are the hardest to find homes for and remain in shelters their entire lives. Seniors have a rougher time finding placement because many people want a brand-new kitty or puppy. For many older animals in communities that have not adopted a “no-kill policy”, euthanasia is frequently sought out as a solution as homes are not found. Not the best ending for a loyal pet that was once part of the family.

Shelters and centers across the States dedicate this month to focus on the benefits of families adopting older pets.

These benefits are the seniors ‘cat’s pajamas’ (no excluding other pets): 

  • Easier to handle because they’re calmer, low-maintenance, and less energetic
  • Already performing standard commands
  • Adapted to conventional social norms with humans (how to behave)
  • You save a life from euthanization
  • Potty training is not usually an issue
  • Dogs are smart, and can’t learn tricks at any age
  • Senior pets long for companionship and go well with anyone

A couple of benefits of adopting a pet for humans:

  • Help lower blood pressure and cholesterol due to de-stressing factors
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Fight loneliness, depression, and anxiety
  • Exercise companion
  • Live a longer life!

“Seniors for Seniors”

Check out Wilco Animal Shelter for a new-to-you senior pet for companionship, loyalty, and love this November. They have a program called “Seniors for Seniors” where pets who are five years old or over are available for adoption at no cost to adopters who are age 55 or older.

 Oh, and don’t forget to provide your senior with Pet Wellness Care.

The Old guys are really the best. Lovable, always there for you and just want to snuggle !!

Deborah Price