Spring Forward: Mind, Body & Soul Cleanse for a Healthy Spring -

Spring Forward: Mind, Body & Soul Cleanse for a Healthy Spring

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People, places, and things. Why do we spend so much time forming attachments to things that do not necessarily matter? 

Like toxic relationships or unnecessary belongings, these trivial things overburden our lives. 


Holding onto items that no longer serve us stems from suffering – and in a strange way, it seems comforting to do. Humans tend not to let go of things because we fear they cannot be replaced, or they will completely vanish from our lives if we let go. 


When you decide to let go of these things, the space they use to take up can be utilized with something better to serve you. In this blog, we discuss how cleaning your mind and space can create infinite possibilities. 


Most people do not find “letting go” an easy task, but it’s as simple as dropping thoughts, emotions, or things that take up way too much space within your headspace. For example, when you were a child, you would play with toys, but as adults, they do not serve a purpose in your life as they did when you were a child. You learned to drop the attachment with these toys. You learned to let go. 


“When you are unattached, you have inner freedom. You have no investment in a particular outcome, and so you do what is necessary in the moment. You explore every option and are receptive to all new information. You do all that you know to do, and then trust, because you have no attachment to either the result or how the result is produced,” writes Charlene Belitz and Meg Lundstrom in The Power of Flow: Practical Ways to Transform Your Life with Meaningful Coincidence.


It’s funny how life works. It offers a line of help each day, which encourages you to let go of anything that might be taxing your spiritual, physical, emotional, or mental health. 


Stop what you’re doing right now. Can you take inventory of your current life? If something is making you unfulfilled or unhappy, it may be time to reconsider the space it’s taking up. 


Consider people in your life. Do you have a relationship with someone who is draining or toxic? Relationships that provide no personal growth for either party are involuntarily draining. Yet, we find time to spend on these individuals for many different reasons (and end up suffering within). 


Who? You? Yes, you! What are some reasons that you spend with toxic people? If you need a reminder, here are a few:
  • They have astounding “assets,” like a swimming pool in the summertime.
  • They make you feel “special” by delivering cheap comments (but may later talk trash on you.
  • They may be fun to hang out with but do not care about your well-being. Can you call them if you have a flat tire or broke up with your boyfriend?

Reflect on your relationships that may make you feel unhappy, empty, or uninspired. If you’re unsure which relationships these are, take a look at your physiology when you’re with “prospective” people. Do you feel frustrated, emotional, and drained after spending time with these people? Sometimes, you might feel physically exhausted after having dinner with a friend. THESE are the people that drain you.  


You might have a better picture in your head of who these people are, but we don’t recommend immediately severing your connections with them. You might want to slowly distance yourself from them by cutting communication back and not attending social gatherings that may include them. 


When you let go of people who no longer serve you, there’s a space left open for people that do. People who make you happy, inspired, and encouraged to align your path with come along with ease. Be it that, you need to become that you wish to attract. 


If you desire to have more love, trust, and loyal relationships, you must embody your qualities and values yourself. 


Individuals must be like-minded and vibrate on the same frequency to form strong friendships and connections; interests and personalities may differ. With the same outlook on life, you’re able to build a strong bond. 


You will align yourself with things that matter when you start to pursue fulfilling and sustainable relationships. You will slowly become aware of things that are important as you allow for space within your life. It’s a natural process that makes you inclined toward healthier decisions that provide you with a sense of peace, joy, and fulfillment. 


It’s similar to when you start a new health and fitness journey where you no longer want to eat rubbage foods, instead gravitating towards healthier food options. You might also begin exercising during this time and become aware of how your body feels while progressing along your fitness journey. In the beginning, you may not want to eat right and exercise, but along the way, you desire that time spent making yourself a better person. 

Decluttering the home to find things that no longer serve you can bring a similar sense of satisfaction. There’s an inner reward that comes when you do something that brings natural happiness, especially when you no longer have space for harmful or toxic situations. 


 “The idea is to not have to let go, later, of what has become a burden, but rather to not hold on in the first place. Not holding on doesn’t mean being at a forced distance from what’s happening, but being fully with it.” – John Frazier, The Freedom of Being: At Ease with What Is


When your mind and body no longer become attuned to higher states of wellness, they physically no longer need destructive or toxic habits to provide fulfillment as they once offered. 


It’s not always easy. We sometimes want to obsess over insignificant circumstances or events that don’t serve us. The best piece of advice I can offer to you is to gain control of your mind with small steps. Consider these simple phrases, mantras to get you started: 

  • I have processed this and no longer need to visit it. 
  • All is well; I am safe. 
  • I breathe out fear and breathe in love. 
  • I am releasing what no longer serves me & expanding into my highest potential. 
  • I will not hesitate; I will just do what I need to do. 
  • I will accept what I cannot control.
  • I accept myself as I am. 
  • I’ve done more than enough today. 
  • I am human. 
  • I will live in the present. 
  • I will be a magnet for ideas today. 
  • I will acknowledge my self-worth. 


Start in the Comfort Zone

Don’t feel ashamed of starting your journey within your comfort zone. I promise that you will watch things unfold, almost like magic. You will want evidence that you are making the right decisions, and that’s why we suggest starting here. Once you understand that life is coming to the rescue, you will begin to make bigger and better decisions that align with your deepest desires. 


“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” – Mother Theresa


If you’re unsure where to start, consider starting within your home. Go room by room, collecting items that no longer serve you or your family, and give them to a place that will get better use.  


You may consider asking the universe and yourself for guidance on how and when these items should be released from your possession. Do you need these items out immediately? Can you afford to keep these items around until your next moving date? Only you can decide. 


Naturally, the creative universal intelligence will help you find the right people who need your things. Consider researching different organizations in the area, and soon enough, you’ll find yourself inclined to give something somewhere with intent. You’ll know it’s the right time or place, especially if your intentions align correctly with the gift of giving. 


Be open-minded. The universe operates in mysterious ways.

Humans naturally think in linear patterns. However, in doing so, we block a great deal of mystery and synchronicities to occur. And if you think about it, the universe is a professional at “thinking” in multidimensional levels. That’s how it operates, and events will occur accordingly. As selfish as we’d not like to admit, that’s how the universe works, and events happen accordingly (and not on your own time). 


You must be open to opportunities by creating space within your life.

Who wants a boring life, anyways? People who always talk about how boring and mundane their lives are rarely taking risks and are probably doing the same tasks repeatedly. They do not make space for new excitement. Many of these people do not believe in the great mysteries of the universe and miss out on infinite possibilities. Yet, opportunities and new experiences are waiting to be unfolded! 


When you live life from an open perspective, you begin to see each situation as a new opportunity or mystery and with synchronicity. Rather than being attached to the idealization of timing on how things should play out, you’ll open the door for infinite possibilities to occur. 


“Life does not know what it will become until it reveals itself.” – Unknown


Once you mentally and emotionally detach from a situation, there is an infinite number of events and circumstances that will unfold. Instead, surrender control by allowing yourself to feel blessed for whatever shows up. In that case, you will start to find joy, peace, and happiness in everything you do. It’s the universe providing fulfillment in your life that you co-created! 


“The less you hold, the more your hands are open to what’s here, unexpected, transformative. In every moment is the possibility for a discovery, a radical undoing,” explains Jan Frazier.


This spring, challenge yourself to learn from others and detach from the idealization that life must go a certain way. Let go of things, people, places, or things that no longer serve you in exchange for infinite space for opportunity. You might find it hard to let go but do it anyway. Don’t let your limited way of thinking prevent you from mastering the lessons that life has to offer you, especially one of which is detachment. 


Understand that detachment does not equal apathy. It’s quite the opposite as it implies that we are handing over the process of life into a greater force that knows what’s best. We challenge you to accept that everything you want and need can be delivered to you if you make space for it. 


Samantha Nieman


Samantha Nieman is a Copy Writer from Omaha, Nebraska. As an avid traveler and photographer, she loves writing articles about sustainable practices around the world. With her Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences and a passion for conservation, she enjoys writing most about sustainability.