Parkinson’s Disease and Exercise

Parkinson's and Fitness 4:13

We all know that exercise is important in our lives. But to people with Parkinson’s disease, exercise is vital to maintaining balance, mobility, and mental health. In a study presented at the International Parkinson and Movement Disorders Society’s Annual Congress in June, NPF researchers reported that increasing physical activity to at least 2.5 hours a week slows the decline in quality of life, and, the sooner it’s started, the better.

Researchers also believe that depression and anxiety in Parkinson’s disease may be due to the underlying changes in brain chemistry and circuitry that are caused by the disease itself. In fact, depression in Parkinson’s patients can start before motor symptoms even arise. Dopamine created by the brain during exercise can help address depression and anxiety.  Adding to daily routine exercises like walking, yoga, non-contact boxing, or gardening can help to ease symptoms of depression.

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Colleen O'Connor