Wellness Wednesday


Follow us on a sustainable groove, Fun with Food!

It is Earth day so what better way to celebrate wellness than by growing some fun from the fridge.

Yeah, not those moldy projects from the back of the fridge LOL

Use veggie scraps and household trash to grow new, healthy foods for your family – you don’t even need to have a garden!

This is a fun video with tips on regrowing from cuttings carrots, green onions, basil and more. My favorite is sweet potatoes, they produce a lovely vine that will grow all summer. In the Winter the squirrels will be your best friend and munch them right back to the potato. Store them in a green house over the winter and in the spring, whala – a new sweet potato vine.

Want to have fun with food and be able to eat it today? Dress up your chow garden otherwise known as your plate. How about Food art…… Get ready to get your creative juices flowing. Take a look at the Boredpanda.

If you do have a garden or a small space, use this precious gift, to plant some seeds, whether that may be vegetation or flowers to beautify your space and feed your family!