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Oct. 2 all american breakfast

All-American Breakfast Needs a Menu Change!

I’m sorry to tell you that your childhood memories circling a warm plate of pancakes, sausage and eggs prepared by mom are not as they should be. The ‘All American Breakfast’ needs a menu change in order to save ourselves, and the planet. Grab a warm cup of tea and help me pick apart history and the weird-food-mystery of the ‘All American Breakfast’.

What’s an ‘All American Breakfast’?

The term ‘All American Breakfast’ has changed over time. In the late 1880s the phrase meant eating antelope steak with a hot cup of boiled coffee. Kellogs birthed a new definition when pre-packaged food became an ultra convenience in the 1960s, making cereal a significant member in the All American Breakfast bunch. Read more about the History of the All American Breakfast.

Today, an ‘All American Breakfast’ includes eggs, bacon or sausage and toast with some type of sticky (and delicious) syrup. Wash down the breakfast with your favorite coffee, tea or juice. I’m here to say why there needs to be a change of menu for breakfast one more time.

Breakfast cereal: clever marketing, no good for you

Cereal companies flood television sets to remind parents that cereal is the best solution when needing to feed yourself (and your children) the most important meal of the day, easily. America started to consume cereal like it was nobody’s business and we get that it is easy-marketing, but it’s not okay.

Companies claim that cereals contain “whole grain” and are “low-in-fat”. However, cereals are highly processed, loaded with carbs and packed with sugar. All these ingredients make you feel a surge of energy, but leave you feeling weak later in the day. Read more about Breakfast Cereals being unhealthy here! Not to mention most are GMO products

TRY THIS INSTEAD: Breakfast Bowl

Eggs: high cholesterol, needs to scramble out of the daily breakfast

It’s not going to be over-easy to hear, but eggs need to scramble their way out of the ‘All American Breakfast according to this new study. People who ate around 1 ½ egg a day were at a higher risk of heart disease than those that did not. More eggs, higher odds.

Eggs are a staple in the All-American Breakfast due to popular health guidelines suggesting their high nutritional value (though, too much of a good thing is never good). Cholesterol is found in egg yolk, red meat and dairy products.

Eggs begin to be a problem when they are consumed daily or in excess. Eating a few eggs a week will not have you linked up with heart disease, but continue to eat a balanced breakfast and maintain regular exercise.

TRY THIS INSTEAD: Vegan Veggie Skillet

Bacon and Sausage: Nope

The idolization uprise of bacon in America is out of control – bacon socks, bacon shirts and pens, bacon recipes. It’s bacon this and bacon that! You cannot get away from the crispy coercion! America, we get it! Bacon is delicious, but it comes with a high price!

Bacon is a highly processed red meat that is not safe to eat. It’s high in sodium, fat and raises your cholesterol which lead to a higher risk of heart disease, stroke and may cause cancer. Read more about how bacon isn’t a wise choice.

Give these tacos a whirl : Veggie Breakfast Tacos

Sweet Side Note: Greta Thunberg says to skip the meat all-together

You’ve heard of the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg who shouts at the top of her lungs to get people to talk about climate change. We’re standing with you, sis!

She claims that leaders have stolen her dreams and childhood by not making change in the right direction. BBC suggests  that several million people took part in global climate change strikes held by youth activists.

Many youth activists are going on a plant-based diet in order to fight climate change. The high-consumption of meat and dairy products are what fuel global warming, experts say. If people cut back on these a significant impact would occur. Read more about how eating plant based can play a huge role in limiting effects of climate change!

Pancakes and Waffles, fresh from the grill or protein meal?

Pancakes and waffles are typically made with flour, eggs and milk (and topped with loads of syrup). One stack of pancakes are loaded with refined carbs that raise your blood sugar and cause triglyceride levels to sky-rocket. People who take in too much white flour have a greater risk of suffering from a heart attack. Scientists say that pancakes and waffles may promote insulin resistance and increase the risk of obesity. Read more about pancakes and waffles being a poor breakfast choice here.  

TRY THIS INSTEAD: Sweet Potato Muffins

My intentions are to educate you to think twice about what foods you are choosing to feed your family. Make sure that you are getting your nutritional advice from the experts who care about your health, rather than your wallet.  Skip the standard All-American Breakfast and select whole foods. You can speak with a nutritionist to get a better idea of what foods work best with your body.

Here are a few breakfast tips to get you going this morning…

  1. Eat breakfast every day!
  2. Skip over-processed, sugary and full-of-carb foods that set you back (which include oatmeal, granola, bagels and cereal). These foods will give you a surge of energy, but leave you feeling empty and sluggish the rest of the day.
  3. Fresh produce can be a quick way when in a hurry, like a banana or an apple!
  4. Don’t “drink” your morning meal, chew it! You’ll want to feel full through the morning to make it through all those long meetings.
  5. Avocado toast is not just for the millennials!
  6. Utilize healthier baking supplies like almond flour and sweet potatoes!

Local Breakfast Spots:

  • First Watch in Round Rock
  • Ruby Sunshine in downtown Franklin
  • Loveless Cafe in Bellevue
  • Simmer Down Cafe in Georgetown
  • Lone Star Kolaches in Pflugerville
Deborah Price