Sunny Shiny Soul

Inner Beauty

We are bombarded with images and expectations of what we should look like, eat, dress, be……ALL around us…. CONSTANTLY

Girls…. teens…. women…. WE DO NOT HAVE IT EASY today in setting healthy boundaries…. saying no to the mental chatter, the societal pressures.   And this can wear down a woman’s sense of self-worth….and then not showing up to serve herself and then serving others.

You see how this can be a vicious cycle!

I understand…..I have been there…..and even though I am not perfect, because dysmorphia can definitely play nasty tricks in the mind…..I am much better about the mental chatter than I have ever been in my life!

But let’s not let it become a burden… have fun…. true fun when you look at the amazingly beautiful woman in the mirror!

Ten tips and tricks to truly see how beautiful you are:

  1.  Smile:  There is actually a chemical reaction that takes place in the brain and the body when we smile.
  2. Wiggle and Giggle:  when we dance or do things silly it helps us feel free and young and not confined.  We are able to better appreciate how our body moves.
  3. QUIT COMPARING: We all have our best features and not so best….it really doesn’t matter so quit giving it so much mental space.
  4. Write a list of what you love about you that is NOT related to your body:  This reminds you that you are MORE than a body, you are also a mind and a soul!
  5. Throw your shoulders back, head held high: I have a friend who has the most amazing posture.  She walks with a confidence that just amazes me and I attribute it to her having her shoulders always back even with her breasts leading the way…lol…
  6. Avoid Negative thoughts and talk:  When we allow negativity to consume our life then it will spill into our own self-worth.
  7. Get to know you:  What are your likes? Dislikes? Joys?  What lights you up.  The more you know YOU the more you’re going to appreciate your uniqueness.
  8. Sleep:  Oh, so very important…. life is always more beautiful when we are well-rested.
  9. Self-Care:  take time to do those little things: a massage, an art class, going to a movie.  When you fill-up your cup you won’t criticize it.
  10. Laugh:  Particularly at yourself!  When you are able to laugh and not take things personally you are able to embrace your inner beauty rather than focusing on what you perceive as a physical flaw!

What are you going to do this month to focus on your inner beauty….to see how beautifully wonderfully made you are?