Being a Senior is A Career


Getting Old Is Work

I have come to a conclusion that being a senior in this world is a career in itself.   By this, I mean there are so many areas & steps to take in order to protect the “Senior Career”. Such as, areas of our Medical Issues, Financial Decisions, along with ways to function trying to keep Active and Healthy, so we can enjoy our latter days. Take for instance Health Issues.

We seniors know that when visiting a doctor, usually a prescription is prescribed. It might be a good idea to do some research regarding the side effects of the particular prescription.  This can be done by:

  • Computer
  •  Library
  • Your local Pharmacist can advise if there are side effects listed in regard to the prescribed medication.

Then you can make the choice if the prescribed medication be beneficial to you, or if the side effects will or will not affect your health in anyway. Ask questions ,get advice from a second opinion and talk with your pharmacists. To many medications prescribed to “sooth” the complaint often “cloud” or mask the true cause of an ailment and further complicate issues. A medication should not leave you dizzy or put you at jeopardy of a fall. Physical bodies are different for everyone and there is no one dosage or prescribed fix all medication.

Also, this is the time of year we seniors are inundated with advice to have the Flu Shot.  However, when taking any kind of medication, it might be a good idea to check with the local Pharmacist to find out if the Flu Shot will affect us in anyway when combined with the medication being taken at that time. The literature that goes with the flu shot state “reconsider, if you are experiencing altered or poor health incidences at the present time”

In today’s world with so much information available, it makes good sense to do the homework, finding as much information possible, which will help us Seniors moving in the direction of a better health style.

         Stay Active – Stay Healthy – Stay Informed –  Keep the Senior Career Alive!!