Breastfeeding Baby: Benefits for Mom, Baby, and Earth

USBC breatfeeding

Oh, the wonderful benefits of breastfeeding!

United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) declared on August 6th, 2011 that August is National Breastfeeding Month in efforts to improve the nation’s health by working to protect, promote, and support the normalcy of breastfeeding. It is our goal to pass along the benefits of breastfeeding to our community to support this mission.

What is so essential about breastfeeding? Boy, would we LOVE to tell you!

Agility through time.  A mother’s breast milk composition changes according to the receiving infant’s needs. Newborns will be provided with optimal nutrients to grow into healthy young children.  Mother nature is amazing, breast milk will change to provide the requisite number of calories, vitamins, and minerals change for optimal growth and survival.

Ingredients change over time to meet the needs of mother and baby

Protect and prevention. Due to immunity-boosting antibodies and healthy enzymes found in breast milk, babies and mothers will receive prevention and protection from many chronic and acute diseases, building a foundation for a life full of health and wellness.

Smarter kid. Studies have shown that individuals who were breastfed will score with a higher IQ. Read more about the Cognitive Benefits of Breastfeeding here.

Build a strong bond for a lifetime. A strong emotional bond between mother and baby will instantly connect the two for a lifetime.

Sustainability for mother, baby, and the environment. With virtually no waste, breastfeeding provides a safe, clean, dependable, and renewable source for food, especially in emergencies. The baby will receive food at precisely the right temperature, and a stovetop is not necessary.

Convenience, too. Many times, mothers do not have to purchase plastic products to support nursing, where formula feeding relies heavily on plastic consumables.

Employee loyalty. Studies have shown that employers who provide lactation support will receive financial perks such as lower healthcare costs, lower turnover rates, employee satisfaction, and productivity, and overall morale.

Weight management for mom. Feeding takes typically 8-15 minutes and burns approximately 500 calories. To put into perspective, it takes approximately one hour of dancing to the Macarena to burn 500 calories – not skipping any moves! Nursing will also signal contractions to the uterus, which may help the mom return to pre-pregnancy size.

Breastfeeding is one of the most important actions a mom can take for her baby. Check out our nutrition link for more information on the benefits and groups that offer assistance to new moms.

Deborah Price