Friendship Day -

Friendship Day

International day of friendship

Progressive bonding creates a Better World

Friendship builds the fundamentals urgently needed to successfully reach sustainability, weaving a blanket of safety to protect all, and generating a passion to create a better world to live in through unity of goodness.

International Day of Friendship, celebrated on July 30th, reminds humanity to build new bonds through camaraderie, provoking trusting relationships and making the world a better place to live. Challenges and tragedies arise daily, but the roots must be addressed in order to defend and promote a stable ground to breed human solidarity.  Progressive bonding is creating a friendship that will have a positive impact in the community.

Here are a few ways to generate progressive bonding within the community:

  1. Share a cup of coffee with someone sitting alone at your favorite coffee shop.
  2. Start the conversations with a compliment. A simple, ‘love that shirt’ can go a long way and promotes a positive mindset.
  3. Join Meet Up to find like-minded individuals and activities you love. Be fully present when attending by putting away your cell phone.
  4. Pick up the phone and make amends with an old friend. Invite them to dinner for a continued conversation.
  5. Donate some of your time at the local animal shelter. Learn about spaying and neutering, share with your community on social media.  
  6.  Bring in some vegan snacks to the office – ditch the donut idea! 
  7. Let a fellow driver cut in front of you (instead of doing the cutting).
  8. Write an old professor who may have impacted your life, but you may have challenged during your time in class.
  9. Send your sister a gift card because you bored her top and didn’t give it back (bring the top). 
  10. Read the book Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis to learn about living your life unapologetically for yourself. You will instantly feel empowered and ready to empower other women!
Deborah Price