Cellular Toxicity and Wellness


Why detoxification may be the reboot your mind and body need

Cellular toxins are harmful substances that can cause disease when introduced to body tissues. They may be produced by a plant or animal or they can be man-made. For example, mycotoxins, which are natural compounds made by certain types of mold, are well known to cause toxic biological responses in certain cases.  And who hasn’t heard of the recent lawsuits involving the pharmaceutical giant Bayer, who acquired Monsanto, the company that makes the glyphosate-based Roundup weed killer, which has been implicated in the development of blood cancer


But not all “toxins” are potentially harmful depending on the particular substance or exposure to the agent. 

Remember the mycotoxins mentioned above? Well, some of these mold-produced substances have had a positive effect on our health, as well. Penicillin, the mycotoxin produced by Penicillium molds, is a well-known and commonly-used antibiotic for a variety of infections.

While our bodies have natural detoxification mechanisms, which include the lungs, liver, kidneys, colon, and skin, it’s important to understand that these systems can become overburdened and their efficiency at detoxifying our bodies can be reduced significantly. Let’s face it. We live in a toxic world. From the lotions we put on our skin, to the fast foods we put in our bodies and even the air that we breathe, we are constantly exposed to potentially harmful agents that can wreak havoc on our body systems and cells. 

We should also realize that almost anything has the potential to be toxic depending on the amount and length of exposure. Even water can be toxic if over-consumed, causing a condition known as hypernatremia where electrolytes become dangerously low.


When our bodies’ innate ability to detoxify becomes so overwhelmed by the many toxins we encounter daily, our cells get bogged down

Their ability to perform crucial functions like energy metabolism or gene expression can become severely compromised, potentially leading to serious illness and disease.

How do we know if we have been exposed to high levels of toxic materials?  And if we have, what are some measures we can take to reduce our risk and reverse the effects?


Signs you may need Detoxification


While there are many effects of cellular toxicity, some of the most common early warning signs may involve longer-than-usual bouts of general fatigue, low energy, allergies and/or new rashes, brain fog or memory loss, depression, or a general feeling of blah, and insomnia. These chronic issues are not normal in a well-functioning body with a healthy detoxification system and may indicate that your body needs additional support. 

Developing one or more of these conditions can be alarming, especially when you’ve been otherwise historically healthy. Did you know something as simple as cleaning up your diet may be the answer to mitigating many, if not all, of your symptoms? It’s well-established that diets high in overly processed foods and sugar can cause many of the mental and physical issues associated with cellular toxicity. By eliminating these items, you should notice a huge improvement (assuming that these were the only things causing your issues). 

Interestingly, there is even an association between vitamin D production and its effect on the liver detoxification system. There’s also work being done on how vitamin D may play a role in preventing the accumulation of toxic proteins that have been linked with many common age-related diseases. 

Who knew that getting more sunlight might be the answer to some of our toxification issues?

But other times the toxicity in the body is at a level where additional intervention is necessary. When this happens, incorporating cellular detoxification strategies into your routine will help to alleviate these symptoms and get you back on track to optimal physical and mental health. Before you can truly begin to heal, you need to determine what is causing the toxicity in the first place.


Identifying the toxin is key


It’s one thing to suspect that you may be suffering from toxicity. It’s quite another to pinpoint the actual culprit that’s making you sick. Some situations may be more obvious, like a recent flood due to a pipe bursting may lead you to suspect -and confirm- mold contamination in your home. Other cases may not be as straightforward, and a more comprehensive approach to identifying what is making you ill may be necessary. 

Think about the home cleaning products you’re using. Most commercially available cleaners contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde or harsh fragrances that can cause symptoms of cellular toxicity like fatigue, brain fog, and headaches. You can check your household goods’ environmental score here to get a good idea of their ingredients, or better yet, make your own!

If there isn’t an obvious answer to what is causing your symptoms, a series of blood, urine, fecal, or other tests may be the next step to help identify and confirm the type(s) and level of toxicity. If you see elevated levels of lead in your urine, for example, you may want to get your water tested for heavy metals. 


Once you know the source, you can work to remove it from your environment.


Living a toxic-free(ish) life

These days, living a life completely free of toxins is pretty much impossible. But working hard to mitigate the risk of illness by reducing our exposure to toxic agents is one of the best things we can do for our health and well-being. We may never be able to rid our environments of toxins, we can sure go a long way to reducing them in our lives. By taking inventory of the items we come in contact with every day, we can better evaluate -and hopefully control- how they may be causing us harm. 


To learn more about this topic

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Contact Tammy Stewart, CHC – founder of Health for a Purpose. Mrs. Stewart is a Certified Cellular Detoxification and Health Practitioner offering customized detoxification and healing protocols to reduce cellular inflammation and improve cellular function by removing interference such as heavy metal toxicity, bio-toxins, and poor nutrition.

Tammy will also be hosting a detox seminar on September 15th from 6:30-8:00 pm in Georgetown, TX. Click here for more details. 


At Wilco Wellness, we believe that health is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being. It infuses positive energy into the body, mind, and spirit. The best journey is living to support a complete state of harmony. Learn more about your immune system at What is the Immune system 

As always, it is essential to discuss any changes in your diet or exercise routine with your primary care doctor. While our information is necessary, every individual must be responsible for their due diligence concerning their health routine and guidelines.





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