Circle 81 Rustic Designs and Bakery - more than a Bakery! -

Circle 81 Rustic Designs and Bakery – more than a Bakery!

Circle 81 bakery

Every business has a story because every business owner has a story.

Today we bring you, Circle 81 Bakery

I love to listen to the stories of business owners regardless of what kind of business they own.  Most times, there’s a deep connection to something that has happened or to someone who inspired them to dream big.  For Shawnn, Circle 81 allows her to use the gift of baking, passed on from her mother and grandmother, but the name itself also holds a meaning that’s very close to her heart.

Before she was even born, Shawnn Casagrande’s mom baked cakes, pies, and cookies for her family

The house would smell like freshly baked bread and homemade cream cheese frosting regularly.  Although Shawnn never asked her mom to teach her how to bake, she was there in the kitchen watching the magic happen every day. Just being in the same space with her mom enabled her to learn skills that she would later use to create Circle 81 Rustic Designs and Bakery.

Growing up on a military base in Sacramento, CA, Shawnn learned that discipline and dedication were key to making things happen.  Her roots are deeply planted in a family serving our country and ensuring our safety and freedom are secure.  Those deep roots helped her withstand life’s roller coaster rides and expanded her vision for life.  She wanted more out of life and knew that she would get it.  She watched her family fight for it.  She wanted to do it for her daughter, for her family, and for herself.

Shawnn’s grandfather was a racecar driver and he was a huge part of her life.  She would visit the raceways to watch him speed past his competitors and be victorious in his car, Circle 81.  That feeling of winning and staying the course was instilled in Shawnn.  Those special moments with her grandfather created a desire in her to pay homage to him in some way.  Although she didn’t quite know how she would do it, she knew that she would.  Besides, he had modeled a winning spirit.  The same spirit she had in her all along.

I’ve had the privilege of sharing the same space with Shawnn

Her spirit is radiant and her heart shines bright.  She is soft-spoken and compassionate, leaving all who encounter her with a sense of being seen.  Shawnn sees you and wants you to be happy and you know it.  She’s nurturing and extends herself to make sure everyone is okay.  There’s no way you won’t know it.  Her presence can’t be missed even though she never commands attention.  Her hugs are warm, and she genuinely cares.

That radiance, compassion, winning mentality, dedication, and nurturing spirit can all be experienced when you taste her baked goods and/or use her handmade bath and body products.  There is no doubt that her heart is invested in everything that she does.  Her creativity is in her intention as each charcuterie board is filled with handpicked goodies for you to enjoy on any occasion.  Boards filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, delicious cheeses, meats, crackers, and fruit spreads are perfect for a night with girlfriends or even for an at-home date.


Shawnn’s creativity is not limited to baked goods

She also handcrafts foot scrubs, lotions, and various bath and body essentials.  Her products encourage self-care and inspire you to love the skin you’re in.  With natural ingredients, she puts the time and attention into making these products are evident that they are all made with love in mind.  Her bath and body products are reminders that we are to love ourselves and take care of ourselves.  They speak volumes about who Shawnn really is and what she has created Circle 81 Rustic Designs and Bakery to be.


In addition to Circle 81, this heart-centered powerhouse has started a new, joint business venture called Picnics & Parties.  Picnics & Parties provide the ambiance of a boho-style picnic or tea party for the occasion of your choice.  Sounds awesome, right?

So where can you find this baking beauty?

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K. LaFleur-Anders

Writer and Wellness Educator, K. LaFleur-Anders, encourages women to take the pressure off personal development by exploring the mind-body connection.