Melt Away Stress at Hotworx in Cedar Park, TX

Hot Worx Cedar Park


Spring has sprung and summer plans are beginning

Hiking and trekking, beach outings, and returning to family and friend’s events are all in the works.  Hibernating through last year has left some of us a little sluggish.

Luckily, Susan Sandoval at HOTWORX in Cedar Park, TX understands, and we’ve provided the 411 after interviewing her below. Please continue reading for the scoop on HOTWORX and how it offered lessons more valuable than any workout routine ever could!


What is Hotworx?

It’s a virtually instructed exercise program created for consumers to experience the many infrared heat absorption benefits. Goers choose between 30-minute Isometric workouts or 15-minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions. Classes you can choose from are Hot Iso, Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates. Step it up just a bit and attend a Hot Warrior, Hot Core or Hot Bands session. The great thing is you can mix and match the classes that best suit your needs. Virtual instructors change up the flow of exercises and scheduling on your phone helps to slide in a workout session on the fly. No guilt and no excuses, freedom to set a schedule that works best for each individual.


According to HOTWORX, “As the infrared heat penetrates your body causing you to sweat, the isometric postures further accelerate detoxification by physically removing the toxins from your organs through muscle contraction.” Even after you leave the session, your body will continue to burn off calories and detox. Infrared heats you internally, so thirty minutes after your workout, you’re still burning calories. That’s the beauty of the heat!


Inside HOTWORX, you will find eight infrared saunas and four isometric stations

An isometric workout is one that involves little movement with high muscle engagement. You choose a position and hold it. For example, Susan’s favorite yoga pose is the Lord of the Dance. As a balancing pose dedicated to Shiva’s dance, you stretch muscles in your chest, abdomen, and thighs. This famous backbend yoga pose stimulates your heart chakra known as Anahata, associated with love and compassion.


More workout, less time!

High-intensity interval training, known as HITT, is a form of interval training and gets the heart going! This cardiovascular exercise strategy encourages short bursts of exercise with brief (30 to 45 second) intervals of breaks in between. You should be out of breath by the end of your workout. No fear! The sessions are much shorter due to the intensity level.


Go when you want, for as long as you please

Being open 24-hours, our members love that there is no set class schedule. They can come and go as they please. Whereas in other gyms, if you miss your scheduled class, you will most likely not get your work out on that day.

Susan says it’s popular for goers to do a quick 15-minute HIIT and then move to something else to keep up their momentum. Many love the belly burning benefits of core compressors. It creates instant slimming results, enhances calorie burning, and flushes out toxins.


Susan reminds us: “All things in moderation, as the saying goes” – including stress

With the bustling, busy times, we tend to rush to wake up, rush to work, rush to pick up kids, and rush to get our work out done so that we can run to make dinner and do it all over the next day.

Advised by her nutritionist, “it’s not good for you to be on the go, go, go!” At HOTWORX, her stress melts away. She says that it’s really hot in there, and she barely moves her feet while her heart rate elevates and lowers stress upon the body. She can pop on a good podcast, watch a show or meditate while getting in a good workout.


Thank you, Covid-19, for a new perspective

As silly as that may sound, Susan thanks the pandemic for her newly found awareness of things she didn’t correctly appreciate before the outbreak. She has started to learn new reverence for breathing easier since life was disrupted before opening her business in 2019.

She knows that health applies both physically and mentally. It tends to affect relationships and may even cause psychological issues and raise the risk of disease. Stress can also reduce our capacity to take care of one another. There are many benefits of reducing stress within your everyday life.


 It’s so important to take care of your mental health

With a heart full of a new perspective, she realized that she was spending money on things that were unimportant and spending time where it did not matter. She no longer values being caught up in worldly things and plans to go forward to make memories with her family. She plans to create less stress in her life, including during her workouts. And luckily, with HOTWORX, she’s able to do just that!

HOTWORX offers patrons a mental break when stress and anxiety come to be too overwhelming. However, Susan wants our readers to know, “There’s no right or wrong answer as to going to a gym during pandemic times. If you’re not comfortable going, just go for a walk, and everything else will fall into place.” She continues, “It’s so easy when you’re going through stressful times to watch Netflix, but getting out of the house – even for a walk – is so important. You need to get out of the house.”


Thank you, Susan, for taking the time out of your schedule to share with our Wilco Family.

We appreciate it very much and encourage our readers to check out HOTWORX when they can.

It might just change your life!




Spot Light on Cedar Park: A Safe Haven for Families and a Hotbed for Business

Sunset Cedar Park Wilcowellness

We couldn’t agree more; Cedar Park is an incredible place to call home!


Though first established in the late 1800s, Cedar Park wasn’t incorporated until 1973. Since then, it has consistently been marked as one of the fastest-growing communities in the United States, with a current population of approximately 82,192 people. The secret’s out about Cedar Park, and it’s not just the influx of residents who are noticing. In 2020, WalletHub named Cedar Park the Ninth Best Small City in America. Year after year, this city boasts some of the lowest crime rates in America, especially when compared to other cities of a similar size. In fact, it is considered safer than 64% of U.S. cities, according to NeighborhoodScout. And it’s a great place to do business too. HomeCity called it a Top City to Do Business, and several Fortune 500 companies have relocated their headquarters to Cedar Park for this reason.
There’s no doubt about it, Cedar Park is a wonderful place to work, to live, and to spend free time. From its nature parks and cultural sites to its opportunities for entertainment, education, and entrepreneurship; Cedar Park has a little something for everyone. It’s just a stone’s throw away from Austin, but there’s no need to leave. So what else does Cedar Park have to offer, you ask?


An Epic Location with Easy Access to Cities and Nature


Cedar Park is a major suburb of Williamson County located on the northern border of Austin, conveniently bypassed from North to South with U.S. Route 183. It takes just about 20 minutes to reach Austin by car, though the line 985 bus from Cedar Park’s Lakeline Station can get you there in 35 minutes without hassle.

True to its name, Cedar Park boasts 1,000 acres of city-owned parkland and 31 miles of trails. Four different eco-systems converge there: post oak savannah, Blackland prairie, east Texas piney woods, and lush riparian. The closest lake to Cedar Park is Lake Travis, where you can catch a meal at the Oasis on Lake Travis or any one of the restaurants with their stunning lookout views. You’ll also find Lake Travis Adventures there, but we recommend taking the zipline before dinner.


Well-Preserved Cultural and Historical Sites


The pioneering spirit of the old west is alive and well in Cedar Park, and the city’s local government has taken great strides to preserve and memorialize its history as well. Before European settlers rooted themselves in Cedar Park, several Native American tribes thrived there, including Tonkawa and the Comanche.


In 1983, a paleo-archaeological site was unearthed that revealed evidence of “continual habitation” of ancient people there since 5000 BC, along with an 11,000-year-old grave of a young woman. This historical landmark is now known as the Wilson-Leonard Site.

Both human and natural history are an important part of Cedar Park’s identity. Each year in December, the 400-year old Heritage Oak Tree is decorated with 30,000 lights. The tree is located on 875 Quest Parkway and is a symbol of moral and perseverance– two time-honored values that are integral to this city.


Annual Events that Celebrate Tradition


The people of this city know how to have fun, and festivals are a big part of the Cedar Park experience. Fall in Cedar Park is especially important, and there is always a surplus of activities then.


  • The Cedar Bark Festival takes place in October, and all the dogs in town (along with their people) are invited to participate in frisbee contests, relay races, and a costume contest, or pose for a caricaturist. Proceeds from the event benefit the Friends of Cedar Bark Park.
  • Fable Fest is another annual event that takes place in October and is a spin-off of the world-renowned Renaissance Fare, complete with jousting demonstrations and performances, a costume parade and costume contest, music performances, and storytime for the kids. This event benefits the Cedar Park Public Library.
  • The Cedar Fest BBQ Cook-Off is a highly anticipated event that occurs in June and is hosted by the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce. Attendees enjoy live music, arts and crafts vendors, rides and games, a petting zoo, and of course, food (and LOTS of it). The event takes place at Elizabeth Milburn Park and is both open to the public and free to attend.


Indoor Attractions to Beat the Heat


The average high temperature during Cedar Park summers is a sweltering 96.3 degrees, but fortunately, there is an abundance of indoor attractions

for friends and family members to beat the heat.


  • Austin Steam Train Museum is an inexpensive and kid-friendly museum honoring Cedar Park’s rich railway history with a goal of preserving and re-creating the steam train experience. The museum offers sightseeing tours of the historic railway and the chance to explore restored vintage cars from the golden era of rail travel.
  • JumpStreet is an indoor trampoline park with everything from a spinning teapot to a mechanical bull. Kids love running around and getting their energy out at Jump Street, and parents love being able to see them from several, more relaxed vantage points throughout the space. The maze and arcade are especially fun for young adults on date night.
  • The Austin Aquarium is just a hop and a skip away from Cedar Park and the type of place any person of any age could spend the whole day enjoying. The creatures that call this aquarium home come from all over the world, from tropical rainforests to the deep sea. You might even see a mermaid while you’re there!


Outdoor Attractions to Bask in Natural Bliss

Texas is home to innumerable natural wonders, and the vastness of this state and its diverse landscapes means that there’s always something new waiting to be discovered.


  • Cedar Park Veterans Memorial honors Purple Heart Heroes, Women in Military, and people who have given their lives to protect this great country of ours. The memorial park is home to several life-size statues of soldiers that form a trail of tributes leading up to Memorial Hill. This emotional landmark is filled with artwork and historical lessons, making it an important site to appreciate both art and sacrifice.
  • Cedar Park Sculpture Garden A garden like no other. Featuring 12 original art pieces from various artists using steel, aluminum, brass, and limestone. The art pieces are an example of each artist’s personnel designs and what they may have for sale in their collections. Take a look at the website to see a brochure of the latest art pieces and find a great garden sculpture addition for your home.
    Cedar PArk Sculpture gardens
  • Adventure Trails are everywhere in Cedar Park. Backpackers, prepare your gear! Stumble across actual dinosaur tracks in nearby Leander or swim in the relaxed waterways of St. Edwards Park. The Riverplace Nature Trail will give you a nice workout as you ascend 820 feet via a natural staircase, whereas Crockett Garden and Falls are one of Texas’ best-kept (and greenest secrets).
  • Soulshine Monthly Community Drum Circle  A once-a-month rhythmic dose of drums in the park. A chance to free yourself and the week’s stress with folks who love to drum. You do not need a drum, just a smile and the readiness to connect.

Esteemed Local Eateries in Cedar Park


Choosing where to eat on any given day is not an easy feat in Cedar Park. But is that really such a bad thing? Here are our top five picks:


Exercise and Wellness in Cedar Park

Fitness fanatics will feel especially at home here. There is a wellspring of exercise gyms and studios along with wellness centers for every style. We recommend:



Eager to Learn More about Cedar Park?


For news, the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce keeps its event calendar active and updated. Stay glued to Wilco Wellness as well; we regularly update our site in our new Town News blog section. Providing you each month with fun finds such as farm-to-table restaurants, hiking trails, events coming up around Williamson County, and what is going on at the Farmers Market.  You can also find information on local health and wellness businesses in your city in our directory. Providing a great website where you can find answers to your health and wellness needs all in Williamson County, Texas.


Let’s Celebrate Athletic Trainers For Keeping Us Safe And Strong

Celebrate Athletic Trainers

Athletic trainers are highly-skilled and educated health professionals who help athletes and everyday people keep fit, prevent injury, and perform at their best.


Here in Texas, we do everything big. Our parks are greener and more beautiful, our barbecue is bigger than our plates, and our state is home to the best football in America. Athletes pour blood, sweat, and tears into this demanding sport, but there’s more to great football than the players themselves. For a team to be successful, each of its players must be strong and healthy. For this reason, football teams require the diligence and devotion of athletic trainers.

What is National Athletic Trainers Month?

Athletic trainers are the first to step in when an athlete is injured. They continuously strive to improve and implement training exercises and regimens that help prevent injury from re-occurring. A personal athletic trainer will help educate you on all aspects of health and fitness. Inspired fitness professionals have the proper understanding and education to help you reach individualized styled goals to help you succeed in your daily life.

Every March, National Athletic Trainers Month is observed in honor and celebration of these highly-skilled individuals who work behind the scenes to keep their clients, athletes, performers, soldiers, and workers strong, safe, and healthy.

How to Become an Athletic Trainer

An athletic trainer’s career is incredibly rewarding and offers opportunities to work with an array of passionate individuals. This career path is ideal for both individuals who grew up playing sports and individuals interested in healthcare but who have never played sports.

Education and Certification Required for Athletic Trainers

Athletic training is a competitive field, but demand is increasing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the athletic training profession will grow 21% by 2022. Most athletic trainers obtain a degree in athletic training from a college that is accredited by the Commission of Accreditation of Athletic Training Education.

According to the National Athletic Trainers Association, 68% of trainers hold a master’s degree as well. In many states, aspiring athletic trainers must also meet the standards of the Board of Certification, which may entail additional training and exams. All in all, it takes 4-7 years to become an Athletic Trainer.

Where to go to School for Athletic Training near Williamson County

We love sports in Williamson County, and it shows. There are numerous athletic training degree opportunities throughout Williamson County. Southwestern University has a kinesiology department where courses range from human anatomy and biomechanics to sports medicine and the physiology of exercise.

The University of Texas at Austin also has kinesiology and health education programs, with one of the more popular degrees being Exercise Science. Athletic Training jobs in Texas can be found on the Texas State Athletic Trainers’ Association website.

What to Expect from an Athletic Training Expert?

  • They will cater to your personal requirements
  • Provide tips and support for short-term goals or an activity
  • Set long term realistic goals
  • Keep you accountable to a routine that will maximize your results and minimize wasted time and injuries
  • They make your mental health a priority by boosting your confidence and providing a support network
  • They will challenge you in ways a friend or family might not

Local Athletic Training Experts in Williamson County

Athletic trainers are hired to work for institutions and associations where athletic training takes place. They can be found at schools and universities, clinics and hospitals, performing arts studios, and the military. Appointments can be scheduled in groups in your neighborhood or business, On-Line in a virtual format, or at a local park or gym near you. For best results, one on one appointments to start with are recommended.

Not sure where to start or who to call, take a look at a few of the best trainers in your city. Each one offers injury care and sport-specific treatment programs designed to help athletes of all ages heal, enhance their performance and improve their overall ability to enjoy a healthy vibrant life without physical obstacles. 


Jas Performance & HealthCedar Park – Jas Performance & Health – Train the Brain, Train the Body. Arian Soltero is not just an athletic trainer, he spends time understanding the whole person, their unique individuality and designs a program that works towards each person’s personnel goals. Arian utilizes a neurological lens that incorporates much more than “rules” when it comes to improving performance and health.

Get Age Fit

Georgetown – Get Age Fit – For the young at heart with a few wrinkles. Theo Thurston and his team will find the perfect program for your needs. As we age it is all about “no pain is a great gain.”

MVP Transformation Fitness

Hutto – MVP Transformation Fitness – We’re Hutto’s only Lifestyle and Personal Training gym! As a woman and veteran-owned facility, we specialize in filling the gap that most traditional gyms don’t provide- a custom fitness and weight loss experience. 

Warrior WellnessLiberty Hills – Warrior Wellness– Holly at the Warrior Wellness studio is a Corrective Exercise Specialist with a passion for helping people to feel better in their day-to-day lives. She combines her education and experience in nutrition, strength training, behavior change, yoga, aerial yoga, and aqua aerobics to overcome her own personal health challenges, which has fueled her devotion to helping many others get the same positive results.


Like drinking water, stretching, and building strength, working with a qualified athletic trainer is a critical part of the training process. The right athletic trainer can help you get your body in shape to prevent injury and allow you to enjoy the sport or active life you love for as long as possible.

Without the work of athletic trainers in Texas, our state’s athletic programs wouldn’t be as strong as they are. If you have an athletic trainer in your life, be sure to thank them this month!

Ultimate Guide to Farm to Table in Williamson County

Farm to Table Guide WilcoWellness

Total body health and wellness begins with the foods we eat

Everyone measures success differently; while some measure success in the things they own, others measure success in travels, laughter, and friendships. But if there’s just one factor that we can all agree on, it is most certainly health. After all, we won’t enjoy anything else in life if our health is compromised.

Total body health and wellness starts with the foods we eat; unfortunately, eating healthy isn’t as simple as picking up produce from the local supermarket. Anytime you choose to purchase fruits or vegetables from the supermarket, particularly those that are not organic, you are at risk of being exposed to harmful pesticides. The concept of Farm-To-Table manifested both to promote overall health and to bring economic stability and self-reliance to communities.

How is Farm-To-Table different from what we are doing now?

The farm-to-table movement promotes the delivery of food straight from the farm to your dinner table. The produce we purchase at many big chain supermarkets ships from farms to distribution centers where it is stored before being shipped across the country to various grocery stores. With cross-country distribution, much time elapses between the harvest and the product’s placement on grocery store shelves.

Food quickly loses its freshness and nutritious value in the journey to reach our dinner tables. The farm-to-table movement’s goal is to eliminate the middleman and re-establish the connection between farmers and the people in their community. Instead of using preservatives and non-GMOs to keep food fresh longer, food is eaten sooner while it is still fresh.

The History of Farm-To-Table

The history of the farm-to-table movement begins with industrialization, as people moved away from the farms and into the city to find jobs. With more people in the cities, the 1950s saw a boom in food processing and storage, particularly with canned food items and frozen dinners.

In the 1970s, people started to demand a return to nutritious, natural eating. The Texas Department of Agriculture was the first state to certify an Organic Label for Produce. It was during the Jim Hightower administration that Susan Kaerka, a representative for the TDA went and spoke with the California Growers Association and reported, “they were fascinated with the idea that the state of Texas was interested in  bringing the power of the state behind a state-certified Organic Label for produce, they were just shocked by that.”  Fast-forward to the 2000s, when schools pushed to use locally-grown foods in cafeterias, and people demanded to see “Non-GMO” labeled food products. By 2010, plant-based restaurants were growing in popularity. Since then, the movement has only become more mainstream.

Texas State Organic Label


What are the Core Principles of the Farm-To-Table Movement?

Beyond eliminating the middleman and strengthening the connection between farmers and consumers, the farm-to-table movement is built on several core principles:

#1 – Food Security

By developing local food systems, the entire community is strengthened. Low-income families receive the same access to healthy, organic food that the wealthier are. The principle of food security looks at how the community as a whole can benefit. Because food production, processing, distribution, and consumption all occur within the same community, there are more jobs within the community and more healthy meals for everyone.

#2 – Proximity

Keeping food production and distribution local reduces the environmental impact and forges connections within the community. Rather than purchasing food items from mass producers, restaurants build relationships with the farmers they buy directly from. In doing so, they reduce the carbon footprint of mass distribution, but it also puts the money right in the hands of local farmers.

#3 – Self-reliance

This component of the movement encourages communities to work together in meeting food needs rather than looking to outside resources. In doing so, people can reconnect with one another along with the very earth that is tilled in their communities as well.

#4 – Sustainability

The farm-to-table movement encourages people to support locally-grown organic food and to purchase only that which is needed. When national distributors haul massive amounts of food across the country, not everything makes it to the destination without spoiling. Distributors end up tossing large quantities of products regularly. By cutting out the middleman, less food goes to waste, and more fresh food reaches tables.

How the Farm-To-Table Movement Benefits Your Health

The sooner food is consumed after the harvest, the more nutritious that food is. Most fruits and vegetables lose upwards of 30% of their nutritious value just three days after it is harvested, and that number increases with ensuing each day. By purchasing food from local farmers, food is consumed shortly after the harvest and consumed while still fresh.

Furthermore, by purchasing locally, consumers know exactly where their food is coming from and what practices are used to harvest it. The farm-to-table movement gives power back to the people and helps them to make more informed choices about what they eat.

Switching to a Farm-To-Table Lifestyle

Making the switch begins with a little research, a little exploration, and a plan of action. Moving to a farm-to-table lifestyle entails eating what’s in season, and that’s exactly what you will find at local farmer’s markets. In embracing this, start by researching what produce is in-season where you live and finding new recipes that utilize those seasonal food items. Next, learn more about the farmer’s markets near you, along with farm-to-table restaurants that you can trust to serve natural, seasonal food.

Farmers Markets in Williamson County, Texas

Williamson County hosts numerous farmer’s markets every week, which means that your farm-to-table lifestyle can start right away. To find a farmers market nearby, check out our directory of Farmers Markets, and make sure to save a date in your itinerary to dine at Greenhouse in Round Rock, where you will be sure to find inspiration for your locally-grown seasonal recipes. Finally, establish a relationship with a local farmer in Williamson County from whom you can purchase products directly. You won’t just be eating cleanly and confidently, you’ll be making a new friend in your community, and that’s what farm-to-table is all about!

We also recommend a few Farm to Table restaurants in your town:

Farm to Fork in Leander – Texas Southern Homestyle cuisine with a little French flair in a new location – Yep, the Texas winter blizzard zapped the pipes, and Farm to Fork is in the process of relocation. New atmosphere and more great local food to come. Watch their posts for grand reopening! 

Mouton’s -cajun and country fusion cuisine A very cozy Southern Style Bistro serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, In Leander and Cedar Park. 

2020 Market Scratch Kitchen & Bar in Georgetown – Chef Jaime and Chef Luis’ will never let you down! Always ready to share where they picked up their local cuisine and flair. Live music and a great patio – need we say more.

The Grove wine bar /Kitchen – Located in Cedar Park, this fabulous little joint serves up American Fare paired with an extensive wine list. Stop by for a few tasty happy hour bites and a fantastic meal paired with your favorite glass, bottle, or flight of wine.

Foxhole Culinary Tavern tucked in between North Austin and Cedar Park just off 183/Lakeline rd.   A small sample of one of their many specials is social hour 3-6:30 p Tues – Friday featuring Tavern Tacos, Ponderings, flatbread snacks, and more.

Plowman’s Kitchen – A favorite spot in Taylor, serving Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, this family-owned restaurant has the best menu and collection of foodie love.

Be Kind to Good Strangers Cafe in Taylor, Texas – a great little lite breakfast and sandwich Café on W. 2nd street. Stop by for a bite or order online for the office lunch treat.

Inspirational Links:

Farm to Table Tx  Delivers to restaurants from local farmers all over central Texas


Grab Your Best Friend and Come on Down to The Farmers Market!


March 21st is a very special day in Williamson County. The opening day of the first-ever Couplands Farmers & Artisan Market begins at 12 pm and runs until 5 pm. 

The Coupland Farmers & Artisan MarketThe creator and founder of the Market is David Harrison a local artist and farmer. David’s goal is to create a once-a-week community activity that promotes a wholesome social gathering place. Set up as A 501c nonprofit, small-scale agriculture and specialty products can be found every Sunday afternoon.  Shoppers will be treated to a variety of handmade items from local artisans. The very freshest produce and meat products raised by farmers from the region, food trucks for lunch, sweets and treats all accompanied by a little live music.

A Texas-style event that is sure to provide a great venue to visit.

The market begins at 12 pm with the National Anthem and live music to follow at 3 pm  

Meet your friends at the market and spend a while sharing family stories, fresh air, cool breezes, warm smiles, and lots of friendly faces.

Stay safe, and give your fellow Texans a smile and a Howdie Neighbor greeting! Share a little love by stopping by your favorite vendor and post a selfie with them!

We thank you for supporting local businesses!


Sunday Market: 


The Coupland Farmers and Artisan Market – 12 – 5 pm Hosting Coupland Honey, Klanika Photography, Nava’s Soft Servefood truck, WELSS metal and leather, The Country Larder, Bricks by Marty, Meghan’s Magic, H.I.M Jewelry, Kina Ice, Harrison’s Backyard Eggs and many more. 

Saturday Markets:

East of IH35:

Georgetown – Wolf Ranch Farmers Market – follow their Facebook site for updates on available items. 8 am – 1 pm. Update for Wolf Ranch. All kinds of fresh veggies, squash – mushrooms – zucchini – farm-raised chicken- local honey – Brazilian cheese bread. Gourmet popcorn – beef jerky – fresh pickles- pecans. Grill up your favorite veggie with a little Central Texas Olive Ranch Oil!  Botanical gardens in a pot- Beautiful woodwork – cutting boards- bowls and more! Erica’s healthy Pets for some wholesome pup treats – emu oil is fabulous. Sourdough bread – and spices and rubs – They have it all, make your list, and pack up the family for a great morning at the market. Supporting your local farmers’ market is the best way to start a day.

Round Rock –Farmer George has something new stirring up every week. Cooking, crafting, health and wellness, and more: Farmer George Farmers Market Sporting 3 markets now.10 am – 2 pm every Saturday. The Saturday location is behind Ikea – fresh pies, and wonderful tasty farm-raised beef and chicken for the grill. Find gluten-free specialty bread, elderberry products to support your immune system, handmade soaps, candles, and jewelry.


West if IH35

Smooth Village Market – set in the Heart of Leander 9 am – 1 pm. look for the Airstream trailers! A few New vendors have arrived adding to your market surprise, oh what a treat! Auntie’s seasoning salts, a load of flavored jerky to include whiskey and honey jalapeno garlic and cowboy. Beautiful pottery, one-of-a-kind masks, and south porch custom-made wooden, skincare products for women and men soft, sensuous, and silky from Ellie Cat. It is another beautiful day under the oak trees. Grab the kids and enjoy the morning.  


Liberty Hill – The Market at Indian Mound Ranch – 12805 SH 29 W, 9 am – 1 pm cookies fresh baked and ready to eat. – Don’t forget to pick up your farm fresh eggs, local honey, fresh-baked bread and treats, longhorn beef, and there are more treats. Kettle chips, pecans, pickles, jams, and jellies. Handcrafted sewn items and beautiful fun jewelry. Follow and share the love on Facebook for updates. Vendors galore so grab your best buddy, head on over, and enjoy!


Very East of IH35

Taylor Heritage Square – Market on Main 10 am-2 pm Amber Oaks Ranch, Bucking Goats Farm, Coupland Honey, Farmer Al’s Eggs, Ghost Tree Farm, Kraft’s log Works, and microgreens, Nanny Goat salsa, and Yegua Creek Farm.

Local Farmers and artisans promise to provide their best in stock fresh off the farm. You can pick up loads of fresh vegetables and honey products. Organic soaps, body care products, and soy wax candles. There will be a vendor or two with sweet and savory baked goods jams and pickles. Need a unique present for a friend – Hanle’s Beautiful clay poppies and flowers.

Perfectly nestled under the Awning at the pavilion. Stop by and fill up your grocer bags with all your weekend desires.

Tuesday Market:

Isle Acre Farms in Leander CSA program invites you to come to pick up your veggies at their farm stand Wednesdays 3-6 pm. Place a Pre-order online. They also offer Farm classes for kids. Tours and events on their wonderful farm will begin in the Fall. Offering real food and real happiness!

WilCo Farmers Market in Sun City Now open and full of great vendors to help and serve you. 9 am-noon. The freshest and the best in Sun City. Take a stroll through the market and enjoy their great atmosphere and friendly faces.

Wednesdays Markets:

Savory Farmer’s Market at Travisso – At the Travisso Palazzo Clubhouse from 3 – 7 pm. A few of the vendors Include Flat Creek Winery, Michelle East, and here beautiful handmade pottery, Original Dog Treat Truck Co., Fairy Fire Candles, Brangus Best Beef, Coyote Moon Coffee, and Savory Alaska Seafood. You can find local honey, Organic-gluten free backed goods, live plants, fresh veggies, and more. A great little market in Leander to visit. Food trucks include cool ice cream treats and a rotation of great food for a quick dinner. Check out the Facebook link for the most current updates.  Coming soon on the last Friday of each month Savory Market adds a new location in the Bryson Neighborhood in Leander.

Thursday Markets:

WilCo Farmers Market 10 am -2 pm Between 7th and 8th Across from the Library. Veggies, protein, honey, pasta, and natural products. Remember to check out their market on Tuesdays at Sun City under the trees and in the cool morning hours.

Elgin Texas Farmers Market 5 pm – 8 pm. Growing weekly; Yegua Creek Farms, Sweet life Soap Co. Banner Distilling Co., Nanny Goat Salsa, Bucking Goat Farm, Rustic Manor Creations, and Body and Shine Wellness and Yoga are just a few of the new additions. Join Amber Oaks on Thursday evenings and enjoy a little hometown fun in Elgin! Follow their Facebook for updates.

Amber Oaks in Thrall is a primary supporter of the Elgin Market. You can go to their website and join their Meat Buyers Club. Organic, pasture-raised, no hormones or antibiotics guaranteed to be very best. Get daily updates on their Facebook site! Chicken is back in stock so get it while it lasts!
Contact John or Molly via the website with any questions, they deliver in Hutto, Pflugerville, Taylor, or Elgin.

Friday Market

Savory Farmer’s Market – Starting up a new market on the last Friday of every month. If you live in Leander near 183 this is a great stop on your way home. Maybe we can ask Savory Market Man to host a Red Box and Popcorn for Friday night movies! Bryson Backyard Amenity Center: 1960 Pleasant Hill Rd Leander, TX 78641. Come 3:00-7:00pm

Shoppin’ at the Farmers Market- All Local, All Original, All Organic. What could be better for holiday fun and cheer?

#supportlocal #family #texasfarmersmarket


Plan ahead for February 13th- Galentine's Day!

Galentine's Day WilcoWellness

Happy Galentine’s Day! This Day, Like All Others, is a Day to

Celebrate YOU

Galentine’s Day is one of the most special days of the year and arguably even more special than Valentine’s Day. Want to know why? Because it is the Day that all gals, single or taken, are encouraged to celebrate their individuality without the tag of a spouse or a partner. To celebrate themselves for simply being the strong, fabulous, and unique Gals they are.

Women of the world certainly never needed a day to celebrate simply being, but far and wide, women have a way of putting others first, and all too often only reserving time for self-love when there’s a reason for it. Well, Gals: this Day is your reason. And if you’re still not convinced, rest assured that Wilco, Texas intends to celebrate you.

Here are ten great ideas for how to celebrate Galentine’s Day this year:

#1 – Take a yoga class.

There are a number of outstanding Yoga studios in Wilco where women thrive. Yoga is one of the most refreshing ways to celebrate the total connectivity of your mind, body, and spirit. The practice teaches you to tune your breath and heighten your self-awareness while releasing negativity and strengthening the body and its coordination. Get dressed to sweat and check out Om Sweet Om Yoga Ranch in Liberty Hill or Hotworx in Cedar Park to detoxify your body and add balance to your life.

#2 – Enjoy a healthy wine party with your girlfriends.

 A glass (or two) of wine, a beautiful sunset, and a cozy patio where you and your Gals gather around for a laugh? It doesn’t get much better than that. Here’s an idea: spend a morning shopping for locally grown organic food from farmer’s markets in Wilco. Later, invite everyone together to transform the dinner table with favorite healthy recipes and home-baked delicacies. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the wine! Scout and Cellar is your go-to for wine, organic candles, chocolate, and everything else you’ll need for your delectable Galantine’s Day party.

#3 – Hit the spa or splurge on a massage.

Need we say more? Few things are more relaxing than a personal message or spa day with your sisters, daughters, and girlfriends. Sure, it’s a luxury, but YOU are your most valuable asset. Whereas cars need to be washed and pets need to be bathed, you need to be pampered. So, if you must, you can think of it as…routine maintenance. Go ahead, treat yourself! We recommend Kraken Massage and Body in Round Rock for a deep tissue therapeutic massage or cupping therapy.

#4 – Or, make your own spa day at home.

Sometimes all you need is a day to relax apart from the rest of the world. Galentine’s Day is for those who love spending time with their girlfriends just as much as it is for those who don’t want to be bothered by anyone or anything at all. If that sounds like you, stop by the apothecary at Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen for essential oils and essential oil candles, or a bath bomb, then leave your worries behind with a healing cup of hot tea at home.

#5 – Try acupuncture for energy healing.

Acupuncture is truly one of those things that you can’t fully appreciate until you try it, but for those who are skeptical, let us assure you that it is worth every single poke. This traditional Chinese medicine has been used for more than 2,500 years to relieve chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and even obesity, and works by correcting energy imbalances in the body. Liberty Hill Wellness Center offers Acupuncture along with herbal consultations that focus on guiding patients closer to their health and wellness goals through holistic healing. If you’re the kind of gal who embraces adventure, acupuncture is a soothing thrill to cross off the bucket list.

#6 – Eat your heart out.

Here’s a little-known fact about Wilco: it’s a chocolate lover’s paradise. We’re not talking about highly processed, sugar-laden chocolate that will make you feel sick for days. We’re talking about ground cacao beans rolled into pure chocolatey goodness, just like what you will find at Srsly Chocolate in Taylor.

#7 – Spend a day in nature.

Speaking of paradises, Williamson County is teeming with nature parks and sights to see in the great outdoors, from the Lake Park Trails in Hutto to swimming and fishing in Granger. Celebrate your mind, body, and spirit’s connection to nature by taking a day trip on Galentine’s Day with yourself or some girlfriends. Everyone will benefit from a burst of vitamin D and decreased levels of anxiety while simultaneously giving the immune system a boost and falling back in love with the beauty of Mother Earth. Galantine’s Day is her Day too!

Galentine’s Day was officially coined by Amy Poehler’s character on Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope. In Knope’s words, “Every February 13, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies are celebrating, ladies.” For these ladies, this Gals-only holiday is as simple as a breakfast tradition. See? You don’t have to do anything crazy to celebrate.

What’s most important is that you celebrate in whichever way brings YOU the most joy.


The Playful Child: The Importance of Play

The Playful Child Coming Soon


“Creating opportunities for children, families, and the community to grow and heal through play” – The Playful Child

Interview: The Founders of The Playful Child are excited to report

‘Playtime’ at The Playful Child. Whether it’s arts, music, theater, or dance, you’ll find a community that encourages healing through play. This establishment was created out of love in 2018 in honor of Kade Damian, a “playful and joyful spirit.” The Children’s Memorial Park and Playground is the first project to be built in Georgetown, TX. The ground will honor all children who have passed but remain in our hearts and memories. The project is in the works and COMING SOON!

Mission: The Importance of Play

Playtime is vital to the healthy development of our children. It creates well-rounded, well-adjusted, successful adults. The Playful Child believes that play “holds the key to treating many mental and physical health issues presented in our society today.” And we couldn’t agree more.

We love that The Playful Child focuses much of their attention, though it might seem odd, on the concept of play. If you take a look into today’s society and how children behave, you’ll think otherwise. There’s a dramatic decline in free, unstructured play for children. They are cutting recess in half in our schools. You may notice that playgrounds are ghost towns, and parents must schedule playdates or activities.

Children do not have a chance to initiate new relationships by themselves. Play-based learning is vital to social and communication skills. How else can you meet your life-long best friend on the playground? Robbed from our children is the opportunity to meet special friends we all can say we have.

Oh, It’s a scary time to be alive…

As stated above, today’s world offers parents many challenges. To provide a few reasons:

  • Screen time is up and averaging 52.5 hrs per week in North America for children 8 to 18.
  • Fear of abduction is the rationale for reducing children’s freedom to roam unsupervised (regardless of the likeness per capita).
  • Due to inadequate diets and lack of physical activity, children have less of an expected lifespan than their parents.

…but it doesn’t have to be!

Scary facts, right? Don’t fret. In this facility, you will find natural playgrounds in a safe, confined area that allows these worries to cease. This type of play environment consists of elements found on Earth. It’s not your typical plastic slide and climbers.

What are natural playgrounds?

Natural playgrounds provide engagement for all five senses in a safe place for children at all levels. Your child will love hopping over tree stumps, climbing on boulders, and running through dirt paths. You will find a play for quiet contemplation or dramatic play—a place where cognitive skills and fine motor engagement are tested. The design encourages children to fall in love with the outdoors as they increase their motor skill development, socialization, and overall health. Here, your child is free to laugh, grow, and play. And it’s a ‘stress-free zone for parents and teachers alike. It’s no secret that natural playgrounds promote optimal child development. Thus, all while children feel

free to engage in healthy, yet risky play. Find out more with frequently asked questions in regards to natural playgrounds.

Why are we excited about ‘risky play’?

In a blog, “What is risky play?” you discover the true meaning and passion behind the mission and the concept of “risky play.” The park will have opportunities for risky play where children are allowed to interact with their environment. From swinging to jumping, the design will be engaging, fun, and safe. However, this space will allow children to grow, test their limits, and build confidence. It’s an opportunity for children to “build skills through and confidence through trial and error.”

“You either win, or you learn, but no matter what, you experience and grow. To me, that’s what risky play is all about!” – The Playful Child

Ways to Get Involved

The Playful Child will exist to nurture the mental and physical health of children & families by cultivating the healing value of unstructured play in our community”. Located in Georgetown, you will soon find that. We love this concept because it promotes less screen time and more creativity through messy and outdoor play. Service allows for more face-to-face communication and children the chance to play, observe, experiment, travel, and get hands-on. Even get a little messy!

Like many others, COVID-19 set back the fundraising progress of The Playful Child. This spring, they were forced to pass up several vital fundraising events. However, this will not stop them. During slower times, The Playful Child trudges on. They build their support system from the inside out to come back stronger when things start picking back up.

They’re asking for all talents, time, and treasures to come alike. If you or you know someone who might be able to support, please set forward! They need volunteers, donations, and organizations to support their business. We encourage you to get involved by checking out ways to donate or even becoming a corporate sponsor. Help spread the word: share & like on Facebook. Attend Pictures with Santa 2020 this upcoming season or be present during the toy drive.

“We all carry experiences that can be softened through play, friendship, laughter, fresh air, and movement.” It’s important to the facility to have a safe, comforting place for their community to engage in outdoor fun. We encourage you to get involved with as much as you can. Wilco Wellness stands behind the mission of The Playful Child!

You can find The Playful Child Foundation at:

Instagram –

Facebook –

Website –

What’s ‘brewing’ at Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen?

Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen


“To achieve optimal wellness, one must apply it toward every possible endeavor.” – Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen

Rockin’ Robin

Robin Cervantes, Integrative Health Counselor, founded Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen in 2015. This beautiful store ‘cut the ribbon’ in 2015 with a mission in mind, helping achieve optimal wellness. Robin is known for her love to educate through food, creative spirit, and mindful practices. She believes you should shop with a purpose by applying a wellness approach toward your whole being, and we agree! This helps in your everyday life, enabling you to achieve your full potential and live with passion and purpose.

What’s in store

In this sustainable store, you will find healthy essentials, including sweet and savory eats, to apothecary products. There’s so much to look forward to at this sustainable boutique. Find peace in a cup of lovely loose leaf coffee or tea or experimenting with your apothecary skills in a DIY class. Discover the ‘kitchen’ side of things by calling ahead for grab & go’s from this easy-eating menu.   

Eating made easy

As she states, “eating healthy should be easy.” We agree! This menu is kicking with flavorful organic, locally sourced, and free-range ingredients (and we cannot get enough). Most consumables are vegan and free from top allergies (like gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, soy, peanut, and shellfish). The daily pre-made products are delicious and available for curbside pick-up.

A few of our favorite things: 

Elderberry Syrup

Meeting in mind

As an Integrative Health Counselor, Robin helps those looking for natural modalities to support their health. She provides one-on-one support for overall wellness, like gut health, to inflammation and athletic performance. Currently, you can book appointments by emailing With the pandemic, she is limiting coaching to Mondays and Tuesdays. Book soon to snag the tools to a happier, more vibrant life.

Navigating thru the pandemic

Robin taught classes in her space before these trying times, anywhere from making your smudge sticks to herbalism. However, during this pandemic, she loves most about her business and has been challenging to navigate. Despite the challenge, Robin trudges on! She currently offers online shopping with cursive pickup on Wed 2-5 and Saturday 10-2. She hopes to find balance in the chaos as she takes on her new ‘teaching’ role for her son this school year, being a mom, business owner, and educator.

What’s new

This coming fall, Robin looks forward to releasing her original subscription boxes and finding a new way to teach classes while maintaining social distance regulations.

She anticipates releasing a month and seasonal subscription box with her healthy products. Monthly packages will have ‘tried and true’ effects, where seasonal boxes will have consumables for what the body will need during that time.

Robin understands that during the pandemic, online material might be exhausting for some. She looks forward to (and crosses her fingers for) in-person, outdoor classes to continue teaching the community. Currently, you can book one-on-one sessions on Monday and Tuesday for health coaching services. Whether you’re looking for a sustainable fix or something savory to eat, Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen can help.


Thank you for what you do for our community, Robin! Wilco Wellness stands behind Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen because the products are clean, healthy, and sustainable. We encourage every ‘Wilco family member’ to pop in for a class or to sample a product. Get connected!

Inside the Sanctuary


Round Rock Farmers Market

Farmer George RR market logo

Hey Round Rock, did you know there is a Farmer’s Market in your neighborhood?

Every Saturday 10-2 the Farmer George Market Round Rock takes place behind Ikea. Artisans and local business folks bring their best products for you to sample and enjoy.  The variety is amazing and it is guaranteed you will find what your heart desires. Now in their 5th year at this location, the venue has grown to be a mini-community of fun and surprises.

  • Trying to find that special ingredient for dinner – they have fresh locally grown vegetables, seasonal fruit and family farm-raised beef, chicken, pork and lamb. Fresh eggs and artisan breads and pastries.
  • Does your immune system need a boost – you will find elderberry products, local honeys and fermented goods.
  • Want a little extra kiss in your summer glow – we promise you will find creamy body care products and jewels to adorn your beautiful self.
  • Looking for that something special gift – we promise you will find original artistic creations of all kind
  • The fur babies can receive a little love also – you will find that too.  

Stephanie Nakano is the ring leader and businesswoman behind the scenes. Her goal is to provide a fun, community market that supports small businesses and independent vendors. She is creative and always brings new ideas to the weekend keeping the market fresh and exciting. Currently, she is putting together weekly pop up cooking demonstrations, craft books and kits for the kiddos. On various weekends, there may be a market basket with money-saving coupons. Stephanie likes to boast,” there is always something new, you just have to come to the market and find out.” 

One of Stephanie’s favorite and new creation is a cookbook with recipes from the artisans and vendors. Proceeds from the cookbook go back to support the market and also to various schools that help with distribution. On the website,, webinars are being added that include fitness and stretching videos, cooking webinars and more.

Here is a little sampling of who you can expect to run into at the market:

All the best in Produce and Protein

Taylor Farms – Hens, broilers, pork, beef, and veggies. Your family will taste the difference

ATX Beef Jerky – yep you guessed it Beef jerky and pickled products

Edamie Ranch – Beef, pork, bacon, sausage, and eggs

Hohns Acres Farmstead– family farm featuring chicken, pork, duck, turkey and eggs. Supporting momma earth with all sustainable practices.

Stars Farmers Market – Amazingly juicy and flavorful produce

Oak Grove Hut – German Sausage

Baked Goods and Spices

Cake De Chez Nous – gluten-free cakes and bread, scones, and other goodness

Spicewood Gourmet Foods – Natural infused olive oils and vinegar’s

Herbal Products and Skincare

Respect your Elderberries – the best elderberry syrup you will ever taste!

Natural Traditions – skin and body care made in small batches – the best hand cream I have ever used, no joke!

Color Street – Beautiful colors for beautiful nails

Artisan Designs and Specialty Crafts

Nature Jewelry – Handcrafted made with natural beauty

Abstract Expressions by Resi – abstract art on canvas, if you love color, you will love her artwork

Woodwork by Dennis – handmade cutting boards, bowls and more

Family Health Care

Impact Family Chiropractic– Get your spine checked out, you will feel the love

Remember to spread the word about this Farmers Market in Round Rock, Texas


Who’s At the Farmers Market

Savory Farmers Market

Savory Farmers Market is the new kid on the block

Beginning in June of 2020, they have been growing weekly.  Hosted by Nathanael and Sarah Ferguson of Savory Alaska and the Home Owners Association of Travisso, it is located at the Palazzo in the Travisso Community Neighborhood in Leander. This great little outdoor venue is friendly, inviting and promises to be open rain or shine every Wednesday afternoon from 3 – 7 PM.  Market vendors feature premium food products and artisan creations.

What Makes a Farmers Market Special?

  • Quality vegetables that are guaranteed fresh often handpicked the day before.
  • Farm to market beef, lamb and chicken raised on open Texas land, without antibiotics.
  • Seafood straight from the Alaskan waters to you.
  • Original, beautifully handcrafted products that are great for gifts or decorating your home
  • Great food trucks, pastries and four-legged friend treats!

Your family will rave about your cooking when dinner starts with the best products. Invite your friends and share some afternoon snacks and enjoy the beautiful hill country views.

Savory Farmers Market Seeks Out Serious Business Vendors

Folks who have crafted their product from their hearts and enjoy what they do. Nathanael spoke about the market vendors as having a true community relationship. They share in the ups and downs of creating a product and running a family business. “I believe the vendors look forward to Wednesday afternoon gatherings”

Be sure to check the Savory Farmers Market Facebook site for the most current vendor list. Many of these artisans cater or offer products that are seasonal and may miss a week or two. Rain or shine the market will be open, filled with local, organic, handcrafted excellence.

The Artisans and vendors you can look forward to visiting are:

Produce and Herbal Products:

Green Goddess – Selima brings her best of seasonal vegetables, eggs, herbal remedies and apothecary items.

Herbal root Collective – Premium quality natural way to relieve pain and stress.

Beef, Chicken, Duck and Seafood:

Bountiful Acres – Roger and KC have a beautiful 20-acre farm in Liberty Hill. Check their website out to see what is available from week to week. Free-range chickens, duck and Rabbit and eggs.

Savory Alaska – Nathanael and Sarah are a family business straight from the Alaskan seaport. Seafood harvested from the wild by independent fishermen. Check their website for salmon, halibut, cod, rockfish, scallops, crab and prawns.

ATX Homemade Jerky – Gregg and Chris teamed up to make the most flavorful style beef jerky in these Texas parts. Featuring jerky, fresh local honey, and several styles of pickles and pickled okra.

Dixieland Farm -A true family farm and a little extra. Featuring lamb, Chicken and farm fresh eggs. Participating in 4H since 2000, when you stop by their booth you are meeting the folks who truly care about providing the best.

Brangus Best Cattle – Laura can set you up with some amazing beef and provide you the specialty seasonings to flavor your Steak. Grass-fed and Finished. Fill your freezer and your tummy with the best!

Pet Treats:

The Original Dog Treat Truck Company– Michael and Tanya and two golden retrievers are the Founders of this specialty tail-wagging treat concept; featuring Woof Waffles, Breath Bones and Four-legged Froyo. Vegan, organic, gluten-free and all-natural. Sold in premade packs or you can pick up a kit and enjoy making your puppy dinner right from your own kitchen. Word out is, you can also order from Uber!

Fresh Pastries and Baked Goodies:

Michelle’s Patisserie – This pastry chef makes it all. Carmel chocolate cookies, cookie kits, fresh croissants, cinnamon buns, and drum roll, please ……. Amazing wedding cakes! Stop by and pick up this Friday nights treats for your family.

Cake De Chez Nous – Hassiba is the sweet tooth of the family – her creations include cheesecakes, scones, fresh-baked pound cakes, tarts cupcakes and more. Follow her website to see what she is creating next.

Handmade Creations:

Hanle’s Clay flowers – Beautifully crafted flower arrangements you will never have to water and they will never wilt. The perfect gift for a lovely friend or family member.

Michelle East Art – Creative, beautiful and functional. Her combination of glazes and original dishware will astound you. Promise, this is the most beautiful and unique hand-crafted pottery – something for every style.

Fairy Fire Candles – Hand poured soy or beeswax candles. Two sizes in beautiful reusable jars 4oz and 8oz. Wax melts if that melts your heart. The scents are creative and original. Just a few on the list ore: earl grey, lemongrass, mint, oak whiskey, orange cranberry, leather tobacco, magnolia, citronella and many more. Candle peeps these are the real deal!

For the Foodies:

Tamale Addiction – Adrian and Mariana serves up the best in organic and vegan tamales. It only takes one and you will be addicted. Pick them up warm and ready to eat or in frozen packs for your lunch another day.

Chrissy’s Icies – chillin’ truck – Have you ever had a helado? A cold scoop of fresh fruity sorbet. Full of tropical flavors and beautiful colors. This is the best afternoon treat on a warm August day. Bring your kids and let Chrissy serve up a cup of smiles and yumminess.

Andreas Eats Food Truck – Custom catering Mexican street food featuring street tacos, carnitas tacos, crunch nachos and more. Pick up Dinner on your way home at the big purple truck, and you can call ahead to pre-order for quick pick up. Having a party, Andrea can fix you up!

Beverages for a Morning Cup of Brew or Evening Glass of Love:

Elevate Teas – Some of the best loose-leaf Ceylon tea. Featuring Chai, mint and green teas

Flat Creek Estate Winery and Vineyard – Stop by for a taste, pick up a bottle then charm the socks off your friends at the vineyard just around the corner in Marble falls. Support local and get the best!

Coyote Moon Coffee – Mr. Palmer will serve you the best cup of java in town. Artisan Roasted Coffee by the cup or bag.  This amazing Cold Brew, family recipe, will leave you craving more. 

Complete Your Beautiful Home:

Greenland Nursery – Beto’s live flowers are stunning. You will love the house plants and fruit trees. All the wonderful colors of the rainbow. Pick up something beautiful for your patio table today! Beto promises to hook you up with the best in show!

Looking for a great local Farmers Market with it all, Wednesday night 3 -7 pm,

Savory Farmers Market is the place to go!