Thursday, August 13, 2020
Yoga Moment

A Yoga Moment

You Are Under No Obligation To Be The Same Person You Were 5 Minutes Ago

Hints For Finding the Best for MOM

“A Mother is Your First Friend, Best Friend, and Forever Friend.” - Millan Bernie She kissed your bruises when...
Earth Day

Earth Day – A Great Day to Share Our Local Favorites

9 Local Products You Can Use to Be Kinder To the Earth (Sustainable) Founded in 1970 by activist...
413 Fitness Interview

Fight Back at 413 Fitness

413 Fitness' mission to better the lives of those with mobility disorders is just about as special and unique...
Rock Solid Health Interview

Rock Solid Health Maintenance for Your Colon

Maintenance of Your Body Includes Mind Body and Soul...

Burn Boot Camp is Raising the Bar for Women in Round Rock

Burn Boot Camp is Revolutionizing the Fitness Scene and raising the bar in Round Rock, Texas, located...

Spring Cleaning and Zero Waste

The temperatures are rising and we’re coming out of our physical and mental winter hibernation.  Time for...

National Call a Friend Day

Why Are We So Excited, It is National Call a Friend Day National Call...

Hello and Merry Christmas to All

Looking for a Place to Visit with Christ on Christmas Eve If you are new...

Operation Santa Paws

History of Operation Santa Paws  This holiday was organized by Justin Rudd in 2001, to help support local shelters...