How Athletic Trainers Keep Us Safe And Strong -

How Athletic Trainers Keep Us Safe And Strong

Celebrate Athletic Trainers

Athletic trainer are highly-skilled and educated health professionals who help athletes and everyday people keep fit, prevent injury, and perform at their best.$$$$

Here in Texas, we do everything big. Our parks are greener and more beautiful, our barbecue is bigger than our plates, and our state is home to the best football in America. Athletes pour blood, sweat, and tears into this demanding sport, but there’s more to great football than the players themselves. For a team to be successful, each of its players must be strong and healthy. For this reason, football teams require the diligence and devotion of athletic trainers.

What is National Athletic Trainers Month?

Athletic trainers are the first to step in when an athlete is injured. They continuously strive to improve and implement training exercises and regimens that help prevent injury from re-occurring. A personal athletic trainer will help educate you on all aspects of health and fitness. Inspired fitness professionals have the proper understanding and education to help you reach individualized styled goals to help you succeed in your daily life.

Every March, National Athletic Trainers Month is observed in honor and celebration of these highly-skilled individuals who work behind the scenes to keep their clients, athletes, performers, soldiers, and workers strong, safe, and healthy.

How to Become an Athletic Trainer

An athletic trainer’s career is incredibly rewarding and offers opportunities to work with an array of passionate individuals. This career path is ideal for both individuals who grew up playing sports and individuals interested in healthcare but who have never played sports.

Education and Certification Required for Athletic Trainers

Athletic training is a competitive field, but demand is increasing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the athletic training profession will grow 21% by 2022. Most athletic trainers obtain a degree in athletic training from a college that is accredited by the Commission of Accreditation of Athletic Training Education.

According to the National Athletic Trainers Association, 68% of trainers hold a master’s degree as well. In many states, aspiring athletic trainers must also meet the standards of the Board of Certification, which may entail additional training and exams. All in all, it takes 4-7 years to become an Athletic Trainer.

Where to go to School for Athletic Training near Williamson County

We love sports in Williamson County, and it shows. There are numerous athletic training degree opportunities throughout Williamson County. Southwestern University has a kinesiology department where courses range from human anatomy and biomechanics to sports medicine and the physiology of exercise.

The University of Texas at Austin also has kinesiology and health education programs, with one of the more popular degrees being Exercise Science. Athletic Training jobs in Texas can be found on the Texas State Athletic Trainers’ Association website.

What to Expect from an Athletic Training Expert?

  • They will cater to your personal requirements
  • Provide tips and support for short-term goals or an activity
  • Set long term realistic goals
  • Keep you accountable to a routine that will maximize your results and minimize wasted time and injuries
  • They make your mental health a priority by boosting your confidence and providing a support network
  • They will challenge you in ways a friend or family might not

Local Athletic Training Experts in Williamson County

Athletic trainers are hired to work for institutions and associations where athletic training takes place. They can be found at schools and universities, clinics and hospitals, performing arts studios, and the military. Appointments can be scheduled in groups in your neighborhood or business, On-Line in a virtual format, or at a local park or gym near you. For best results, one on one appointments to start with are recommended.

Not sure where to start or who to call, take a look at a few of the best trainers in your city. Each one offers injury care and sport-specific treatment programs designed to help athletes of all ages heal, enhance their performance and improve their overall ability to enjoy a healthy vibrant life without physical obstacles. 


Jas Performance & HealthCedar Park – Jas Performance & Health – Train the Brain, Train the Body. Arian Soltero is not just an athletic trainer, he spends time understanding the whole person, their unique individuality and designs a program that works towards each person’s personnel goals. Arian utilizes a neurological lens that incorporates much more than “rules” when it comes to improving performance and health.

Get Age Fit

Georgetown – Get Age Fit – For the young at heart with a few wrinkles. Theo Thurston and his team will find the perfect program for your needs. As we age it is all about “no pain is a great gain.”


Hutto – MVP Transformation Fitness – We’re Hutto’s only Lifestyle and Personal Training gym! As a woman and veteran-owned facility, we specialize in filling the gap that most traditional gyms don’t provide- a custom fitness and weight loss experience. 

Warrior WellnessLiberty Hills – Warrior Wellness– Holly at the Warrior Wellness studio is a Corrective Exercise Specialist with a passion for helping people to feel better in their day-to-day lives. She combines her education and experience in nutrition, strength training, behavior change, yoga, aerial yoga, and aqua aerobics to overcome her own personal health challenges, which has fueled her devotion to helping many others get the same positive results.


Like drinking water, stretching, and building strength, working with a qualified athletic trainer is a critical part of the training process. The right athletic trainer can help you get your body in shape to prevent injury and allow you to enjoy the sport or active life you love for as long as possible.

Without the work of athletic trainers in Texas, our state’s athletic programs wouldn’t be as strong as they are. If you have an athletic trainer in your life, be sure to thank them this month!

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