Plan ahead for February 13th- Galentine's Day! -

Plan ahead for February 13th- Galentine’s Day!

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Happy Galentine’s Day! This Day, Like All Others, is a Day to Celebrate YOU

Galentine’s Day is one of the most special days of the year and arguably even more special than Valentine’s Day. Want to know why? Because it is the Day that all gals, single or taken, are encouraged to celebrate their individuality without the tag of a spouse or a partner. To celebrate themselves for simply being the strong, fabulous, and unique Gals they are.

Women of the world certainly never needed a day to celebrate simply being, but far and wide, women have a way of putting others first, and all too often only reserving time for self-love when there’s a reason for it. Well, Gals: this Day is your reason. And if you’re still not convinced, rest assured that Wilco, Texas intends to celebrate you.

Here are ten great ideas for how to celebrate Galentine’s Day this year:

#1 – Take a yoga class.

There are a number of outstanding Yoga studios in Wilco where women thrive. Yoga is one of the most refreshing ways to celebrate the total connectivity of your mind, body, and spirit. The practice teaches you to tune your breath and heighten your self-awareness while releasing negativity and strengthening the body and its coordination. Get dressed to sweat and check out Om Sweet Om Yoga Ranch in Liberty Hill or Hotworx in Cedar Park to detoxify your body and add balance to your life.

#2 – Enjoy a healthy wine party with your girlfriends.

 A glass (or two) of wine, a beautiful sunset, and a cozy patio where you and your Gals gather around for a laugh? It doesn’t get much better than that. Here’s an idea: spend a morning shopping for locally grown organic food from farmer’s markets in Wilco. Later, invite everyone together to transform the dinner table with favorite healthy recipes and home-baked delicacies. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the wine! Scout and Cellar is your go-to for wine, organic candles, chocolate, and everything else you’ll need for your delectable Galantine’s Day party.

#3 – Hit the spa or splurge on a massage.

Need we say more? Few things are more relaxing than a personal message or spa day with your sisters, daughters, and girlfriends. Sure, it’s a luxury, but YOU are your most valuable asset. Whereas cars need to be washed and pets need to be bathed, you need to be pampered. So, if you must, you can think of it as…routine maintenance. Go ahead, treat yourself! We recommend Family Wellness in Round Rock for a deep tissue therapeutic massage or cupping therapy.

#4 – Or, make your own spa day at home.

Sometimes all you need is a day to relax apart from the rest of the world. Galentine’s Day is for those who love spending time with their girlfriends just as much as it is for those who don’t want to be bothered by anyone or anything at all. If that sounds like you, stop by the apothecary at Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen for essential oils and essential oil candles, or a bath bomb, then leave your worries behind with a healing cup of hot tea at home.

#5 – Try acupuncture for energy healing.

Acupuncture is truly one of those things that you can’t fully appreciate until you try it, but for those who are skeptical, let us assure you that it is worth every single poke. This traditional Chinese medicine has been used for more than 2,500 years to relieve chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and even obesity, and works by correcting energy imbalances in the body. Liberty Hill Wellness Center offers Acupuncture along with herbal consultations that focus on guiding patients closer to their health and wellness goals through holistic healing. If you’re the kind of gal who embraces adventure, acupuncture is a soothing thrill to cross off the bucket list.

#6 – Eat your heart out.

Here’s a little-known fact about Wilco: it’s a chocolate lover’s paradise. We’re not talking about highly processed, sugar-laden chocolate that will make you feel sick for days. We’re talking about ground cacao beans rolled into pure chocolatey goodness, just like what you will find at Srsly Chocolate in Taylor.

#7 – Spend a day in nature.

Speaking of paradises, Williamson County is teeming with nature parks and sights to see in the great outdoors, from the Lake Park Trails in Hutto to swimming and fishing in Granger. Celebrate your mind, body, and spirit’s connection to nature by taking a day trip on Galentine’s Day with yourself or some girlfriends. Everyone will benefit from a burst of vitamin D and decreased levels of anxiety while simultaneously giving the immune system a boost and falling back in love with the beauty of Mother Earth. Galantine’s Day is her Day too!

Galentine’s Day was officially coined by Amy Poehler’s character on Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope. In Knope’s words, “Every February 13, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies are celebrating, ladies.” For these ladies, this Gals-only holiday is as simple as a breakfast tradition. See? You don’t have to do anything crazy to celebrate.

What’s most important is that you celebrate in whichever way brings YOU the most joy.

Claire Stephens

When Claire isn’t acting, traveling, or practicing yoga, she is blogging with a parrot on her shoulder and a coffee close by. With a degree in English, her favorite subjects to write about are wellness, psychology, and zoology, and she loves to seek inspiration in nature