Every Kid Healthy Week


Every Kid Healthy Week will look much different this year

Experiencing it through a global pandemic, schools across the globe will still find plenty of ways to make this week both exciting and interactive!

April 20th through April 24th symbolizes this special week, where kids across the nation and globe, are encouraged to get moving and get active with their families in pursuit of both physical and emotional health, which is essential for our CHILDREN and OURSELVES!

If you are reading this, you are alive, praise the Lord!

You are still alive and your heart is still beating in your chest. Because of this, I know in my heart for certain that you have a purpose AND even if you feel like you aren’t sure what that is, that’s okay! You are here for a plan that is so divine and set on fire to your specific interests, that it’s essential to remember that even during this pandemic, you my friend, are important beyond belief, whether this “storm” feels like a slight rainstorm, or whether you’re in the midst of a hurricane. I am thinking of you and sending you the highest vibrations to you, your family, and your children (fur children included)!

Every Kid Healthy Week is still happening

The only difference is that it’s online this year! The focus remains on health and well-being while being #togetherathome this year.

There are abundant resources available @ www.actionforhealthykids.org. A whole curated list if of creative at-home activities – taking all of the planning and searching the internet hopelessly!

4/20 – Mindfulness Monday! Help your kids find their center in their hearts and check-in with how they are feeling.

4/21 Tasty Tuesday! Yummy! Join your kids for a simple taste test!

4/22 Wellness Wednesday – with a focus on Earth Day and Sustainability!  Learn how to use veggie scraps and household trash to grow new, healthy foods for your family

4/23 Thoughtful Thursday – with a focus on Social and Emotional Health! Learn how to help your kids both recognize and talk about what they are grateful or thankful for, depending on what verbiage they understand.

4/24 Fitness Friday – let’s Move Our Bodies! Get ready to test your focus and get your stretching done and ready for even 20-30 minutes of physical fitness.

The Mission of the National Holiday

Every Kid Healthy Week is to remind the nation of the importance of being cognizant of not only the children in our life’s physical health and well-being, but also, arguably even more important is their social, emotional, and psychological well-being. We will provide a daily post with more information on activities and how to celebrate this wonderful day for kids. Share with your friends. Create a virtual play date or if you can join friends at a park within the guidelines of your individual city.

Follow each day’s theme and use the hashtag #EveryKidHealthyWeek to raise awareness and let the world know how you are celebrating!

Casey Rollins
Casey Rollins