Thankful Thursday


Okay, it is the 4th day of Every Kid Healthy Week

Today is the day to help your children learn how to both recognize and talk about what they are thankful for. You can also discuss adjectives like grateful, agreeable and appreciative.

And I know papa will be so grateful to you for all your kindness to me”

You can create a gratitude tree and use branches and paper leaves with string to connect feelings and thoughts to a story. Your kiddos might be learning to write or are a bit more artful and like pictures instead. Help them create a daily gratitude journal, starting small, writing down or drawing one small thing that brings them joy each day!

Leon Bridges and Elmo sing about being thankful for friends on Sesame Street

Have fun with words and talk about synonyms (cinnamon, wait that’s a spice ) and Antonyms. Add to their journal a twist to the story by replacing their “grateful word” with an antonym. This is a wonderful to work thru feelings and how one may help a friend working thru tough times and emotions later on in life.