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What’s your family’s story?

Family Traditions - Blue Bird
"Tea at three, you and me." 

Every family has an alpha-female that is ready to be a part of whatever the family needs. In ours, we called her Aunt Gina or “bluebird.” She’s the spicy elder that you respected, or you were in trouble. And if you were, she knew before you did. You respected her. She knew what was up and what was down. She was bold, brave, and could withstand any storm. She was classy, sassy, and a little bad…well, you get the point. You might be wondering why all of this is in past-tense, huh?

Well, a few years back, we received an unhappy surprise. My Blue Bird unexpectedly had a stroke. The changes were physically mild but mentally devastating. She has not been the same since. The doctor recommended getting organized, keeping family traditions and starting new ones.

Sharing Family Stories

Rolling in just before the holidays, National Family Stories Month encourages families to keep memories alive by sharing family stories and celebrating family traditions. Enjoy home-based festivities and give thanks to the existence of your relatives and the experiences they’ve shared with you. Take advantage of National Family Stories month by pulling out the scrapbooks and learning stories that might be new for some folks in the family, stories often come out that have not heard before. 

Start now by setting up a scheduled some time over the Thanksgiving holiday for everyone to join around the table with dessert. We have provided a few ideas to get the conversation going

Ideas to keep stories relevant in your home this holiday season: 

  • Tell a story about when you were young and wild
  • Discuss “WHY” you have those traditions with younger generations
  • Start a family cookbook (including the secret recipe for those cookies)
  • Have a long-time friend tell a favorite memory about you
  • Ask grandma or grandpa about their first job
  • Find a CD or vinyl record of your favorite high school artist
  • Listen to legends like Elvis Presley or Dolly Parton to bring back memories
  • Start an annual tradition with your kids or loved one
  • Volunteer at a retirement home, the elders would love telling you their family story
  • Get everyone to take 5 pictures over Thanksgiving- Have the up n coming” Blue Bird “-pull together the pictures, print them up and have them ready to create a story board over Christmas. Be a little old fashion- colored paper and glue – over the years a memory book will come together that will become an honored fun tradition for everyone!
Deborah Price