Plastic Dishes and silverware, oh No! -

Plastic Dishes and silverware, oh No!

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Tips on Creating Zero Waste at Thanksgiving Dinner

Welcome to 2019 Thanksgiving, we’re getting eco-friendly and heading towards a zero-waste effort around the holiday season. Include Earth in your list of life’s important things to celebrate (along with family, friends, and food). With consumerism at its all-time high, now is a great time too, not only give gratitude and show serenity but take action against waste with these zero waste tips: 

The Earth will THANK you for these tips:

Buy local from the Farmers Markets.

  1.         Buying local boosts the local economy
  2.         cuts back on plastic waste
  3.         Tastes much better
  4.         More nutritious bang for your buck   
  • Donate leftovers to the college student and their friends.
  • Reusable and multi-purpose cookware and serving dishes are always a good idea. 
  • Boil down your bones to make broth to reuse for a warm meal later in the year
  • Borrow flatware if you don’t have grandma’s fancy china just yet. Or get a great mix match from the local Salvation Army store. They have great serving stuff from glassware to plates to forks and knives. Gift the serving dishes to your local student.
  • Too much turkey? You can make some excellent soups. Hop on Pinterest for more inspiration!
  • Compost what you cannot eat. 
  • Plan ahead and ask for help from some relatives. You shouldn’t have to make such a big meal by yourself! 
  • Use compostable plates and utensils if you absolutely must. 
  • Ditch bottled water and sugary drinks. Honestly,
  • Check out Greenmoxie for more ideas on decorations and earthy fun.


Deborah Price