Five Unique Exercises That Make a Great Workout

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In the same way that your body eventually needs a water-cooler break, your mind needs stimulation to stay motivated


Let’s face it! Running on the treadmill, squatting, and doing the plank can become awfully monotonous, especially if you are exercising at home or using YouTube as your guide.  Some of us might benefit from a regular change of pace. But there are also those of us who choose a routine and stick with it, often until we become burnt out. Whether you’re looking to flip your current routine on its head or simply spice up your current routine, we’ve got you covered. These five unique exercises can add flavor to your workout routine and help you enjoy keeping fit:


Pole Dancing:

As a full-body workout, pole dancers perform acrobatic tricks by either suspending their weight in different positions or propelling around the pole. It takes a great amount of strength to even climb the pole, and each pose targets different muscle groups. That makes this resistance training and cardio duo an epic exercise option for anyone ready to swing into a new routine. Sound fun? Learn about a popular pole dancing studio in Round Rock: ATX Pole Fitness.

Sweat with Infra-Red:

You will undoubtedly earn the burn with the first-ever fusion of heat, infra-Red energy, and exercise center: Hotworx. With locations in Austin, Cedar Park, and Georgetown, Hotworx is a wonderful community that is accessible throughout our county. Crawl into a hot sauna to “namaslay it” any day of the week, and any time, too; Hotworx has 24/7 access for members. Scorch calories in Pilates or Yoga, and when you feel like trying something new, check out barre, rowing, cycling, and more.

Trampoline Park:

Did you know a 150 lb adult can lose 42 calories in around 10 minutes while jumping on a trampoline? As a whole-body exercise, the g-force that bouncing produces helps burn fat and builds up muscles. You’ll start to firm up the body, especially the legs, arms, and stomach, and most likely you’ll get a great ab workout from laughing, too. Do we need to say anymore? Jump on that! Check out Altitude Trampoline Park in Round Rock for a workout the whole family will enjoy.

Yoga with Goats

Baaaahhh! We’re seeing the latest craze in doing yoga with odd animals, especially goats, and we are loving it. In fact, this trendy exercise has captured the imaginations and Instagram feeds of thousands. Along with boosting strength with each set of poses and stretches, your mental health will benefit, too. Time spent with animals is never wasted. Nearby Lake Travis, Yoga & Goga offers Goat yoga multiple days each month.

Flow with Aerial Yoga

Imagine yourself suspended in the air, soft fabric twisting your body into traditional yoga poses and stretches. Two great benefits which come with performing aerial yoga are relief of back pain and improved flexibility. Some poses you may not be able to do on the ground are more accessible using the Aerial silks. The body is allowed to lengthen, and the spine becomes decompressed while hanging freely, allowing for improved joint Range of Motion. Ying Yoga in Cedar Park and Warrior Wellness in Liberty Hill can help get you addicted to this fun and challenging workout.


The more you enjoy your workouts, the more efficient they will be


Switching up your workout routine often helps you to stay motivated and keep your head in the game. In addition, it gives you more chances to meet like-minded individuals and build a strong community around you.
We encourage you to check out our directory page to find local places to get a sweat in and learn about unique workout experiences nearby in Williamson County. Head on over to our Recreation blogs and get an insider track on different sports, gyms, and unique styles available in your town. Knowing a little before you go often makes the new experience better! The main thing is to have fun, get a little or a lot physical and stir up those endorphins with something a little new in your routine.

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