Hints For Finding the Best for MOM


“A Mother is Your First Friend, Best Friend, and Forever Friend.” – Millan Bernie

She kissed your bruises when you got knocked off your bike and wiped those little tears when things got tough. She packed your lunches with special notes, kept “super secrets” from dad, and maybe even spoiled you a bit much.

Mom’s of all sorts are the real heroes that raised us to be the unique beings that we are. You appreciate all the hard work throughout the years, right? Spend a little thought and time reminding her this Mother’s Day that her love has not gone unnoticed with these creative, local ideas:

Start with a Mother’s Day Card

Something she will always keep! A Mother’s love language is words of affirmation. Near and dear to her heart, a card filled with “love you Mom or Thank you Mom” will always make her joyful heart flutter. Pick up or request a card from one of these unique boutiques.

Thinking of a Unique, Customized Gift?

Modern hand embroidery, notebooks from across the pond, jewelry, a spa gift set, a deep bluebonnet scarf. How about a delectable treat and perfumes to delight. Maybe a gift she can craft with you, a lunch, some brunch, and a flower or two. Follow your fingers to a bountiful selection brought to you by local store owners and craftsmen who can help choose something unique to perfection.

Blue Door Gift StoreIn Liberty Hill– Stop by and shop inside, online, or over the phone.  Offering curbside pick up and local Liberty Hill delivery as well as shipping. Open now 10-6 pm Monday- Saturday with a limit of 7 people in the store. We are practicing social distancing, wearing face coverings & everything is squeaky clean.

Escape Fine Crafts and GiftsIn Georgetown – Something unique and affordable for every Mom. A beautiful vase for flowers, culinary items, gems and jewels, handmade sculptures, tasty snacks, and purchases with a purpose. Items from around the world. Open from 12- 5 Tuesday – Saturday. Promise you can find something here mom will Love. Offering free gift wrapping for mom’s gift. Curbside delivery is available. Recommend facemasks but not required.


Full Spectrum IceIn Liberty Hill – Sean’s company is all about keeping it cool with ice sculptures; if you want something very original and spectacular, he can deliver a personalized sculpture direct to your Mum’s door. You may also order online with Ice Carvings Everywhere which has a variety of ideas for Mother’s Day. Ice sculptures are also great for special occasions like weddings and birthdays. Email Sean Leahy for more information.

Grit and Grace BoutiqueIn Cedar Park -We believe life should be celebrated every day.  Whether it’s the perfect outfit for an anniversary date, a girlfriend’s birthday gift, or a token of appreciation for a neighbor we can help you find the perfect  “pretty thing” you are looking for.  Keep up with what we have going on via Facebook. Stop by on Friday and Saturday for champagne shopping. Open Tuesday – Saturday 10-5 pm as we adjust to reopening. Curbside pickup is available during business hours – you can shop with us online or we are happy to help shop via phone or messaging.

The Wildflower Republic In Liberty Hill – 3 in one, A craft store – a gift store – create unique just for your store. Wonderful sustainable gifts and a little bit more. Eclectic, creative, and passionate. Monday – Friday 10 – 2, Saturday 10 – 5.

Create a “ Spa Day.”

Tell mom it’s okay to “relax” with a gift basket filled with soaps, lotions, and candles. Customize by finding out her favorite scents. The best in natural made and organic products. Shop local and get the best.

Love Yourself Shack In Hutto – A holistic wellness shack in Hutto that provides life coaching services and recommendations for alternative remedies. We offer Himalayan salt infrared saunas sessions, essential oils and diffusers, CBD tinctures and capsules, local honey w/CBD, Himalayan salt lamps, homemade organic pain cream w/CBD, and all organic bath and home products. We also have gift certificates! Currently, we are taking orders for products 7 days a week. We can either deliver or set up a curbside pickup. Additionally, our sauna sessions are by appointment only.

CupCakes, Baked Goods, Sweet Treats

Is mom a sweet tooth or a super bread lover? Do you need gluten-free, all-natural products or something just to knock her socks off? pick up some local Baked Goods from a few of your family-owned patissiers. Your sweet efforts might just be rewarded with a shared slice of a tasty treat!


Cheers with books, unique gifts, lunch, and beers!

Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen has it all. In Georgetown – Mom owned and everything organic! Can you imagine a Kabucha bar, organic loose leaf, oils and soaps too much to promote. This store is full of something special for every mom.


Lark and Owl Booksellers – A great little shop in Georgetown with a little bit of everything. Featuring a bookstore with more and a bistro to serve up lunch or a light dinner. Pick up a six-pack or growler, a bottle of vino, and throw on some tunes. Celebrate by letting mom tell you about the ‘glory days and “throwin’ it back” with a blast from the past. Pick up orders 10 AM – 6 PM the bistro is open 7 days a week. Order online, grab and go. Get a gift certificate or email them and they will pick out a perfect gift for your mom. The bookstore is open 10 – 6 Tuesday – Saturday.

Gift of Balance and Peace

Helping mom relaxes, center her mind, and boost her spirit with a gift of Yoga classes. In a City near to Mom, now offering online versions at this time. Gift cards are available, with specials if you ask. Soon Mom can be stretching and balancing, feeling like a Queen.

Backache or Headache?

You might have been a pain in the, well…you know what as a teenager. Apologize with an “I’m sorry” card and a massage for mom to forgive, forget, and relax. Gift cards are available for when the time is right for mom.

For the Very Special Mother to Be there is Nothing Like a Bit of Pampering at Home

Compass Chiropractic and Wellness Based out of Leander – Dr. Stephanie is a mobile Chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy and pediatrics in the Leander and surrounding area! She brings personalized and quality care to the comfort of your own home! Book your appointment online for your Special Mom.

Homebody Chiropractic Based out of Round Rock -Dr. Stephanie Gessner is a chiropractor with a special focus on mamas, babies, kiddos, and beyond. Helping mamas enjoy pregnancy, have a safer and easier birth, and transition into healthy and happy motherhood. “In honor of the love and support Mom brings to the world, she is offering 50% off new patient appointments.”

Just not Sure and Would Rather Shop Outdoors?

Skip the bouquet. Purchase your mom a garden of veggies or a plant for her corner office. She’ll love the thought of a flower blessed by the love of her child every time she waters it. Farmers Markets are the place to see all sorts of garden veggies, flowers, pictures of flowers, bracelets with flowers a hat (with flowers), a shirt a unique carry-all bag ( with flowers), and more. BEE her cup of tea and pick up unique loose leaf teas, organic coffees, natural soaps, honey, baked goods, and treats. Just remember MOM always thinks ahead, do not procrastinate get shopping before it is too late.

P.S. Don’t forget the card!

Deborah Price