May is Motorcycle and Bicycle Awareness Month


Spring has finally sprung! It’s time for warmer weather activities like gardening, having a picnic and riding bikes. May is Motorcycle and Bicycle Awareness Month which is a month for all to share the road. It’s important to remember that motorcyclists and bicyclists have the same privileges, rights, and responsibilities of those that drive on the same road. As individuals that do not ride, please be cautious by looking out for bikers. Here are a few pro tips for sharing the route:

Tips for motorcyclists and Bicyclists

  • Learn must-know universal hand signals. Learn to communicate correctly with other drivers.
  • Never assume that a car sees you.
  • Wear correct protective gear. An excellent place to start would always be to wear a helmet. Make sure that you are meeting the standards of the Department of Transportation in your state.
  • Make sure your bike has proper reflectors. Reflectors can help when it’s dark and hard to see.
  • Mind the laws. Adequate training and licenses are imperative before riding.  Also, remember to follow the regulations. You have the same responsibility as someone who drives a car such as using a turn signal and stopping at stop signs.

Tips for cars

  • Look twice, and you might save a life. They might be hiding out in your blind spot.
  • Allow for plenty of room.  Extra space allows for additional time to stop.
  • Remember “cautious concert.” Sing along when you’re driving, but only change the music when at a complete stop to reduce distractions. Keep the volume at a cautious level.
  • Teach your children to count motorcycles.  They will grow up hyper-aware of vehicles because they’ve practiced.
  • Use your horn sparingly. Use the horn as a warning sign for alerting danger. Never use out of anger.

Tips for all drivers

  • Drive the speed limit.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings. Never assume that another moving vehicle is going to make the right choice or that they are paying attention.
  • No distractions. Turn off and put away all electronic devices.
  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • Share the road. The road is not meant for one type of vehicle.

Above all else, continuously learn.  Utilize the month of May to bring awareness of motorcycle and bicycle awareness. Educate yourself on the laws and regulations in our county and always be looking out for workshops and classes to improve your skills on driving. It’s never too late to brush up on the basics. By going the extra mile, you might save a life!