New Years Resolutions: Checking Up on What Might Be Holding You Back


Checking in with you to see if you are crushing your 2020 New Years Resolutions? If so, we proud of you! If not, don’t start beating yourself up. This new year has only just begun. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to move past what is blocking you from progressing forward to reach your goals.

Like Vanilla Ice, you’ll need to stop, collaborate, and listen. What? Yeah! The first step is taking a moment to step back and understand what is blocking you via reflection.

Maybe you are procrastinating or have a “why even bother” attitude. If this is the case then you may be focusing on the wrong goal. Perhaps you have too many ideas on how to attain your goal which is making you feel scattered. Possibly there is someone toxic holding you back, perhaps it is time to focus on you just a little bit and let the family fend for themselves once in a while.

Journaling Gets Your Thoughts on Paper

Solution? Journaling is a great way to get your thoughts on paper. You can date the pages and come back to see how far your journey has come as well. Write all your ideas on a page then create columns listing: Really want to do – might want to do – maybe someday. This will help you refocus and discover what is the most important goal for you this month or even year. Then Create a simple system to help align the goal with two tasks towards accomplishing the goal. You might even break the tasks into 3 things to make each task happen. Put it on a calendar and get going. When you marked off each step TADA you have accomplished your goal. Sometimes goals change , this is part of discovering who you really are and where your heart points you.

If writing is not your thing, you might try talking with a life coach or a trustworthy friend. Warning, you will most likely get pointed towards writing down and organizing your goals to achieve the best results.

Understand What is Blocking You for your New Years Resolutions

During this exercise you might identify what is blocking you. This is the time to re-focus your attention. Goals Change. At first it is tough and a bit mind-boggling but be master of your domain. Each time you have a thought or temptation that does not align with your goals block them out. Redirect your thoughts to the tasks that help you focus on the main goal. Believe in yourself and be aware of your dreams.


Goal: Become healthier in 2020 by eating a plant-based diet

Situation: Out with friends, a cake is offered.

Mind says: “Oh, I would really like a slice.”

Action : Share your goal with your friends and enjoy a fruity water or berry off the cake. Try a bite, you might discover it is not very good and discover your goal is more important. Stop at one bite!!

Okay, we know you want the cake. However, you need to be aware that it does not align with your goal and re-focus your attention. Tell yourself, “this does not align with my goal” and move on. You will feel so much better and more confident in yourself after getting over this obstacle. The more you stay focused and on track the easier it gets!

Make a plan for pop-up challenges. What will you do if X, Y, Z occurs? You must have an idea. You can do this by thinking ahead and formulating a strategy. Think about what your goal is, what obstacles may occur, and what you will do if they occur. You’ll be smooth sailing! I am meeting the girls for happy hour, Queso and chips, bad move…. I can eat an apple on the way over and be sure to drink water while I am out.


New Years Resolutions – Find your why!

Ask yourself why you want to reach your goal. What is it about this goal that makes you want to do the hard work to achieve it? There must be some profound down emotional reason why. For example, my goal this year is to become healthier because I want to have a healthy pregnancy when we start trying for babies. I want to hang with my family in Hawaii on vacation and be able to keep up with the day trips.

When you feel like your goals are not within reach, reflect within to find out what the obstacle may be. Break down your list and keep each step simple and realistically attainable. Once you’ve identified the blockage, try to keep your mind aware of positive talk and stay on track with planning for any pop-up challenges. Remind yourself of each positive move forward and your ultimate goal, and things will start looking up!

Happy trails! and Be The Master of Your Domain , You Got This !

Deborah Price