Bring Home the Organic Bacon!


National Bacon Day is celebrated each year on

December 30th, Oh Yeah !

The unofficial National Holiday, National Bacon Day is celebrated each year on December 30th as a way to commemorate that tasty morsel of cured pork belly, bacon! This year, we’d like to take a look at the importance of choosing organic bacon with its benefits and a few fun, piggy-win recipes. Organic bacon can be enjoyed in a BLT, fried up in the morning, or dipped in fine chocolate for a dessert. In America, Bacon goes with everything!

Benefits of Organic Bacon:

  •  Source of omega-3 fatty acid: Typically found in fish, omega-3’s help reduce cholesterol and fight to keep the heart happy and healthy. Despite the claims and threats of heart attacks, organic bacon help reduces the chances of those life-threatening diseases with each slice.
  • High protein content: 34 grams of protein and around 3 ounces of organic bacon, found within (but that means there’s also about 25 grams of fat).
  • Boost the mood: Who’s mood does not improve after eating delicious bacon? Organic bacon is a natural mood enhancer because it’s full of high-quality essential vitamins and minerals which help keep you happy and healthy.
  • Nutrients: potassium, magnesium, zinc, thiamin, vitamin B12, B6, niacin, iron, riboflavin, and phosphorus
  • Put food cravings to a halt: High in fat and protein, organic bacon puts any appetite at a halt. You’ll be energized because there are almost no carbohydrates, which typically cause the cravings to increase.
  • Brain health: Choline works by producing acetylcholine, which helps neurotransmitters keep the nervous system and brain fully functioning, especially in the memory, mood, and muscle department. Organic bacon contains choline, which is vital to brain and heart health, healing abnormalities, and reducing the chances of memory loss diseases (like Alzheimer’s).

Enjoy organic bacon in moderation. It’s not a good idea to eat (even organic) bacon every single day. Most bacon found on the grocery store shelves is cured with nitrates and salt, which is a big “no, for me dawg” (in the words of Randy Jackson). Organic bacon, also known as uncured bacon, is said to be healthier than cured bacon – but it’s still chalked full of fats and salts.

Follow a healthy lifestyle of working out, limiting smoking and drinking, and getting enough sleep to reduce your levels of stress and improve health. This will allow you a chance to occasionally indulge in a few pieces of crispy, goodness of organic bacon!

Win over your fans with these perfect game day appetizers:

Sunday, Funday it up with these brunch favorites:

However, you choose to enjoy this salty yummy protein be sure to get the best. Pick up Organic bacon at your local farmers market or from one of the wonderful Ranchers in your community. Shop local and get the BEST !!

Deborah Price