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Maintenance of Your Body Includes Mind Body and Soul Inside and Out

You change the oil in your car, rotate the tires, and get regular maintenance to ensure longevity to your vehicle. Are you doing the same thing for your body? If you’re wondering why you’re so lethargic and sedentary, ask yourself a few simple questions.

  • How is your diet? Are you putting more processed foods in your body or whole foods?
  • Are you exercising? Are you making an attempt to move your body for at least thirty minutes each day? This is especially important when you work a desk job that doesn’t require much movement.
  • Are you meditating regularly? Are you checking in with your mental status and holding space for the important things in your life?

It’s so important to cleanse all aspects in your life, especially when they aren’t serving you properly. This is true for your colon as well.

Melissa Bustos, owner of Rock Solid Health, in both Round Rock and Harker Heights, is no stranger to the dangers of an unhealthy gut. The situation became very personal for her when her beloved father, Ambrosio Bustos , passed away in 2004 to colon cancer. After his sudden death, several of her brothers began having extreme digestive issues and ended up losing their gallbladders. This caused great concern to Melissa, who was struggling with gut issues as well, and later had to get her gallbladder removed. The unfortunate genetic link was showing off in Melissa’s family, and she knew there had to be an answer… some kind of remedy. When a family doctor suggested that it would be best for her to have major surgery removing a whole foot of her large intestine, she put her foot down. She then began aggressively searching for a holistic remedy to aid in the extreme discomfort she was experiencing in her abdomen.

Holistic remedies are taken from the observance of how the natural world around us works. The Ibis bird, for instance, is historically known for being a healer, perhaps a savior for other sick animals it spots laying on their sides. The Ibis bird can be spotted travelling to the nearest ravine to fetch water in order to shoot it in the injured animal’s rectum, so that they would be able to have a bowel movement. The majority of the time, after a successful bowel movement, the animals would run or fly away, having expelled the toxicity that was lodged within.

Colon Hydrotherapy (CHT) is a holistic approach that mirrors what the Ibis bird instinctively does. It is a gentle and effect way to cleanse the large intestine using warm water to expel fecal matter that may be stuck in the intestine, along with any built-up mucous plaques. There are absolutely no drugs or chemicals used in the process. This gentle procedure allows 8 to 12 gallons of water to enter into the Colon thru the rectum flushing the intestinal system of excess waste!

This was the answer she was looking for! Melissa started CHT in 2009 for the very first time. She was amazed at the success she found trusting her “gut” and bypassing surgery. Being severely constipated, as many Americans are, she was only relieving herself 1-2 times every two to three weeks.

The initial procedure she had was extremely uncomfortable and caused her stomach to cramp quite a bit. Although she did not release much during the first session, she decided to have another procedure the Saturday due to still feeling impacted, and she was glad that she did! During her second procedure, she felt like CHT totally saved her life. This time she released 2-3 times as much as she did the first time, and she knew this was a treatment that was the help she needed. During the second session, she lost a total of EIGHT pounds!

The seriousness of constipation is nothing to joke about. Both Elvis Presley and John Wayne died with at least 33-55 pounds of waste in their guts. As important as meditation is for the mind and soul, a colon hydrotherapy cleanse is imperative for optimal gut health due to our massive processed food consumption. Depending on how impacted an individual is, you can usually expect to have between two to eight sessions in a matter of four to six weeks for best results. It’s important to note that the large intestine is nearly five feet in length and can hold 7-25 pounds of waste, and an even greater amount in unhealthy individuals.

Common outcomes of the procedure include:

  • Overall Feeling of being lighter physically and mentally
  • Elimination of bad breath
  • Decreased Brain Fog
  • Energy Level boosts
  • Elimination of foul odor of gas
  • Decreased bloating

Compared to before the noninvasive procedure, she felt like she was floating on a cloud afterward.

Melissa continued doing CHT for 1-2 years, before finding out that the clinic was going out of business. She put feet to her faith, listened to God, and decided to purchase the business. Now she could help change others’ lives in the way that colon hydrotherapy changed hers. She felt called to continue this important therapy in Williamson County, Texas. So, she took the bold move to walk away from her comfortable career as a comptroller, supervising the quality of financial reporting of an organization.

In July 2012, she became the sole owner of Rock Solid Health in Round Rock, Texas. This was a major career change and leap of faith through Christ. Her angst began to kick in when her first quarter saw an extremely low number of patients. She was struggling to break even on her one room office rental space. Seeing 4-7 patients a week maximum, she started asking for signs from her Lord to affirm that she made the right decision and that she was doing the right work. She and her husband had moved into a one-bedroom apartment and were doing everything they could do keep their heads above water financially.

But, on December 7th, things began to change. On her late dad’s birthday, Rock Solid Health saw patients continuously from 8:30 am to 9:00 pm. After this day of business, traffic began to pick up, and their success in clientele eventually led to the opening of their second location in Harker Heights, with the addition of a massage therapist, as well as an acupuncturist.

Rock Solid Health Has Now Been In Business For a Solid EIGHT Years!

In the month of March, which serves as Colon Cancer Awareness Month, Melissa and her staff run an incredible special to promote this type of holistic cleansing.

Typically, the first session costs $150 and each additional session is $110. But in the month of March, you can expect to save a significant amount, with the first session totaling only $110 and each additional session to be $70.

Rock Solid Health uses the number one device in the industry, the Angel of Water Premier Open System device noted for its style, safety, and sterilization. The nozzle is pre-packaged and disposable to promote optimal sterilization. Our offices are extremely sterile and are sanitized between every client, using new equipment for optimal hygiene.

If you have been feeling sluggish, weighed down, or simply want to start taking better care of your gut health, there is no better time to visit Melissa Bustos and company in Round Rock or Harker Heights to cleanse your system and get back to your best self!



Casey Rollins
Casey Rollins