Do Something Special for Someone Special

july 11cheer up the lonely day

We have all had days we could use an extra hug or smile.

Reach out and touch someone. You will be glad you did

Put the “pep” back in someone’s step on Cheer up the Lonely Day. Celebrated annually on July 11, this unofficial holiday encourages people to provide an act of kindness to those who need a smile the most.

Writer and artist, Jonny Sun provides vivid solutions for coping with loneliness by being open and vulnerable through storytelling in this Ted Talk video. Please share to those who may be struggling with loneliness in their lives. Understand that loneliness does not discriminate by age, race or sex . Spending long periods alone can have damaging effects on one’s self worth. Taking a short break and spending time with someone who lives alone , or someone who is stuck in a hospital due to an accident , will mean so much to both of you in the long run.

Other ways you may help others if they are lonely:  

  • Take a 20-minute walk around a scenic lake with a neighbor who lives alone
  • Volunteer for Drive a Senior – this provides an excellent chance to help someone in need
  • Check into meals on wheels and get involved
  • Call your grand parents , they will not admit to feeling alone however they miss and love their busy family and a phone call or better yet a morning picnic goes a long way !

Are you a work from home junky who spends too much time alone ? Get out and volunteer a little of your time. It might surprise you the great senior storytellers you might meet. Friendship could be around the corner. Go ahead pick up the phone and volunteer to cheer “someone” up today !

Deborah Price