Warrior Wellness: What it Means to Be A Warrior Princess -

Warrior Wellness: What it Means to Be A Warrior Princess

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“Warrior Princess.” That’s what her father called her after witnessing her battle against a chronic illness for years.

Holly Johnson struggled with severe scoliosis and fibromyalgia, which causes pain and fatigue. And so be it that the name of her business bloomed from a spark in her father’s love. 

Holly did not choose to have a chronic illness but quickly realized “health” was not an option. She had to stay healthy to remain alive. Additionally, she decided something even more important to help her through her journey, and that’s a positive mindset. She made an effort to be positive and grow through her experience, which has made her into the strong individual she is today. 

She understands the word “health” may leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth. Holly would like people to know that the journey to wellness can be a battle and encourages the “warrior” to come out of her clients. “It is a blessing to help a person find their warrior and change one step at a time,” says Holly. Amongst her bravery, “Warrior Wellness” was given its name as a way to inspire clients to “remember the strength they possess and the power they have to change. 

As a Corrective Exercise Specialist

Holly has used her education and experience in nutrition, strength training, behavior change, yoga, aerial yoga, and aqua aerobics to overcome her health challenges. Her past experiences have fueled her devotion to helping many others get the same positive results at Warrior Wellness, which has been open for six years. 

She offers classes on personal training or small group classes, yoga, and geriatric yoga, aerial yoga, corrective exercises, postnatal exercises, and meal prep services. 

She explains her favorite thing about teaching is, “seeing my clients realize how capable they are. Whether it is the ability to move better, make healthier food choices, manage stress, relate in new ways. It is always a great experience to see someone realize they can make their goals reality.” 

We asked Holly what she hoped her students would get out of the course. “I hope my students feel better-physically, mentally, behaviorally, spiritually. I hope they learn that we are integrated beings and need to look at our lives as a whole to be able to find what true wellness looks like for each of us.” 

In her practice, she focuses on the whole “mind, body, and spirit,” which is something that Wilco Wellness truly connects with as an organization. 

In the future, she hopes to provide Liberty Hill with an integrative wellness experience. She regularly teams up with other local practitioners to give her clients well-rounded and comprehensive expertise. Some of the local practitioners include functional medicine practitioners, massage therapists, nutrition coaches, and chiropractors. She says, “I look forward to making more of those connections to bolster the wellness of my community.” 


Individuals like Holly make us feel less alone in this world


You don’t have to go through struggles by yourself, and we’re so happy to have individuals like Holly to help guide us. This is precisely what our mission at Williamson County is all about. Every person has their lows, but we’re a family that has one common goal. We can help support each other by thinking big and having a positive mindset. 

We want to encourage you to visit Warrior Wellness, especially if you’ve put on your brave face, like Holly, and are overcoming challenges that life throws you. You can find Holly’s information in our directory right here. Thank you so much for reading this town spotlight.

Check into this fun video by Holly on a really wonderful Figure 4 stretch 


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